Song Jia for Cosmopolitan

Since this week’s episode of Run Brother, I have found a new respect and love for Song Jia: she is extremely chill and seems fun to hang out with! Song Jia gained popularity last year, when she took on the gig of “teacher” on reality show “first year” with Chen Xuedong on Hunan TV. Her appearance on Run Brother this week sure gave her a lot more new fans, myself included ^^. I was happy when searching for new photo shoots to cover this one:


7c7d7c21c88fd47f30766cf6a8120226 057b0e2cf3841b237c2e45c2e30e15b0 7957ffa4b1d6b4581cd580d9f8c700e0 14677ddc28dfb28872e775429562f4e5e2085ab0e1b159771371eaba00b11743 f756ea51ea815c078266fb2b038a8cf1

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