[Feature][Humor] Some Gifs to make you laugh!


Who doesn’t love to laugh? China has quiet a bad reputation some time when it comes to quality in the little details. It is especially true considering how many there is of Chinese period dramas full of CG that doesn’t make any sense… Anyway, here are some gifs too funny not to share!

Janine Chang in the Four, falling in the lake and saved through a fly in the air:1

Someone drink water using unorthodox ways:


The best friend of Zhang Xiao (Liu Shishi) been hit by a car and then propulsed 3m in the air:


Liu Yifei character in For Love or Money after been hit by a car, she is flying in the air and eventually fall from the opposite way of the bridge (if any of these make any sense):


Wang Luodan been hit by a car and Siwon trying to save her in Falling in Love with You


And these ones of from a war drama (and be careful, the last one looks pretty bad.. and disgusting).

6 7

To save your mood, here are some gif pictures of Kris Wu with his date Li Bingbing rushing through the red carpet😄


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