Mini Weibo Update

Liu Shishi (who did not update for long time), show you how much she struggles in front of a vending machine: 005YrQnjjw1ert9sx57r3j30xg15s7g3

Cutie pie of Tiger Mom took some pictures with Disney movie “feelings”:

Some Behind the Scene selfies of C-celebrities during the highly mediated 2015 Met Gala.

Some more pictures of Gong Li before the Met Gala… I am seriously speechless, she looks gorgeous… who would have guessed she is forty year old?😀

704_1621092_303970 704_1621094_510393

Also, Liu Shishi and Nicky Wu just added a new member to their happy family: a cute little puppy


Another good news! The comedia Ou Di who just appeared on Run Brother got married to long term non celebrity girlfriend:


During the filming of Run Brother this week, Tang Yan has been spotted running to the right and to the left. She seems to be paired in the same team as Li Chen and Wang Zulan. Here is a cute fanart of TY sporting her outfit for the variety show:

frb9-avxeafs6963722 O-gp-awzuney5000799

Also, on the fifth of May, it was the birthday of Xie Na. Here is a picture by co-host of Happy Camp He Jiong of her husband Zhang Jie and her to commemorate the event: 473dc466jw1eruzhomcqjj20ku0fmdk2

Finally, a great news! The beautiful Taiwanese actress Alyssa Chia who became famous after her performance as Zhao Ming in the 2003 version of The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber just confirmed that she is pregnant with her way younger boyfriend (10 years difference)! Congratz!

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2 thoughts on “Mini Weibo Update

  1. Miss Attache says:

    Oh the dog is super cute! A friend of mine has an identical one, named – swear, I’m not making this up – Happy!🙂

    The Met Gala pics make me miss New York🙂


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