Photoshoot Round Up: Place to the Men

A ton of beautiful photoshoots of eye candy actors popped up like free food on the Chinese entertainment platform this week. Including Jing Boran, Luhan, Mark Zhao, Li Chen, and William Feng. Hehe, let me forward you guys to archidisign’s beautiful page on C-Actors if you want to know more about each of these men’s work

William Feng (Feng ShaoFeng)

a078c4d1417d151f75ef1ba6dc0f4f11 538e549f1be4f86211d64c72b776cae1 5db9236443e71dbf5a5c670971d5584d

Jing Boran



6f18ce6dce51e8e433bf1f4e865386de 8b2b37ff6b9a45b00a1eb0c1dde31946 a963910b00bbdae9d8cce60210546d47

Mark Zhao

2b63313effb8ff396d02fee40b22296c cec16ff012ef9caab0166357daa77347

Ou Hao

29ba925ea2eccebf05d80e3665adaca9 d3837e5955995c89a6264f627199326a f514689a3a225c69ecc1ca617fd946fb

Li Chen

2cdd1370a381afbe5830881b5db9bfea 2e6df8f5d0230009e1194342994a4c65

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