[Recap] Run Brother Season 2 Ep. 4 with Flower Boys (Lay of EXO, Lin Gengxin, Aarif Lee…)!


This week, Lay of EXO (to appear in movie Oh My God), Lin Gengxin (to appear in series God of War), Aarif Lee (presently in Noona Over Flowers), Ye Zhuxin (known for portraying fourteen prince in Bubujingxin), and Jiang Jingfu (in Xuan Yuan Jian) appeared together. As a sucker for handsome boys and have already watched a show from each of them (except Lay), I was eager to watch this episode. Sadly, maybe because I am a little subjective, I found the main cast extremely impolite and too full of themselves (KEUF KEU, talking about you Wang Zulan and Li Chen).

First, the introduction: the Run Brother team enters in what seems to be 80s costume while dancing. Haha, they are automatically nicknamed Uncle Team. They dance some disco which is so ugly ><


Lay showing off some more modern dancing skills xD EXO PRIDE?

Then, the guests arrive on the platform. Young, handsome, tall, they are nicknamed the Flower Boy Team. [Side note: However, throughout the episode, WZL is going to call them the New Meat. Okay, I know they are often using the term in the media and it is not supposed to be that offensive, but it sure is not fun to listen either! >< Like seriously, saying that just make me realize how old you guys are, not how young they are…grrrr] Angelababy becomes part of the Flower Boy team.

First activity, play games in a big gym full of students and win two games out of three in order to get the hint.


Angelababy, Jiang Jingfu, Lay, Aarif Lee, Ye Zhixin, Lin Gengxin


Deng Chao, Zheng Kai, Chen He, Li Chen, Wang Zulan, Bao Bei Er


005DqERdgw1erxf4vfnx3j30tv0gtjv6 (1)

In the first game, they must blow the most candles by jumping in the air with a cap. The Flower Boys play first and lose badly. They don’t know how to jump correctly with the cape and despite jumping really hard, fail miserably. Only Baby was able to blow ONE candle (out of maybe 40?) and it was with her breathe ._. …The Run Brother cast however knows how to play the game and are able to easily blow all the candles. >< The whole game was so unpleasant to watch: not fun at all and full of embarrassment moments.


Second game, Rope fight! The Flower Team get the rights to get male participants to participate with them while the Uncle Team get the female members. Very competitive, the Uncle team makes sure to only select girls who are able to lift Li Chen 0.0 while the Flower team is just easy going and choose the ones who want to participate the most. Surprisingly (or not), the Uncle Team wins again. They get a a box which contains a mysterious bonus.


Mysterious third game which was edited out


Second mission: be the last member on the blue matelas at the end of the game! The Flower Team wins quite easily here each time. Lin Gengxin once accidently falls in the water with two members of the Uncle team in his hands. Another time, Wang Zulan while running to the the blue matelas, falls by himself. Jiang Jingfu even shows some skin when Zhulan tries to pull his shirt and shows the public a beautiful eight pack *.* They also get a mysterious bonus .



Final Mission: A numeric name tag! Each member is assigned a number between 1 to 6. They must eliminate number 1 before 2, 2 before 3, etc. Each time a member is eliminated, they get 1 point. It is kind of funny how the Flower Team is getting all out in this segment and are not afraid to do everything in their power to win the game. Their strategies are however not the best (haha… use your brains boy! ><) For example, even they are the next member to be targeted, they still walk around as if nothing happen and are easily found to be tagged off… xD Wang Zulan for example will always walk around with the next person to be ripped off and automatically tells his team where they will be. (kind of smart and annoying). Then again, the Uncle Team also have this kind of members who don’t think while playing. Bao BeiEr, Chen He, and Zheng Kai, respectively number 3, 4, and 5 walk around together and are ripped off within 5 minutes… Li Chen is also smart: he finds the hardest place ever to find and hide there for the second half of the game. As a result, the Uncle team wins by 9 to 11.


Sigh, my proud face when Jiang Jingfu did some karate moves and successfully rip off the tag of Li Chen (which is supposedly impossible to do) My favorites this episode: Jiang Jingfu, Aarif Lee, Lay😀 A cute gif of him with Lay


Quick review of mine: I hate how now again, Run Brother became a pedagogical show: teach little kids that no matter what the game is, they need to do their best and win as a team. Because if I want to watch something like this, I can just go watch the Olympics… not a variety show. This is not fun at all anymore and I seriously don’t understand why people are praising Li Chen so much for his supposedly good team spirit. On a show, it is better to be have fun than to win each time!

PS. Here are two gorgeous pictures of Angelababy’s most recent photo shoot. She seriously looks flawless…

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2 thoughts on “[Recap] Run Brother Season 2 Ep. 4 with Flower Boys (Lay of EXO, Lin Gengxin, Aarif Lee…)!

  1. archidisign says:

    New meat? xD It is true that this term is more and more used in C-media, but translated it sounds so weird! Xiao Xian Rou 小鲜肉 = Fresh meat ._. ah la la! And I was happy Chen Xiao was called that before…


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Really nothing to be proud of… pretty much half of the dudes in the C industry are considered as 小鲜肉: Kris Wu, Zheng Kai, Luhan, Chen Xiao, William Chen, Li Yifeng, Ma Tianyu, Lin Gengxin, Aarif Lee,Jiang Jingfu, Yang Yang, TFboys etc. The only people who aren’t are Wallace Huo, Wallace Chung, Hawick Lau, Nicky Wu, Alec Su, Deng Chao and Li Chen….:P


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