[Recap] Noona Over Flowers Ep. 7-9

I know, I am becoming lazy these days… but hey, do you seriously expect me to write this many reviews and recaps per week? >< Sorry guys…

Ep. 7

1. The group goes on Montgolfier trip in Istanbul.This is a very dramatizing experience for most of the noonas (Yang Zi, Aarif, Tianyu don’t care that much), since there have been report last year that a group of Chinese tourists died at this location while doing the same activity. The fly goes smoothly and all of them feel extremely happy and relieved (Xu Jie even cries).

2. The group tries monster trucks and it is all fun, especially for Yang Zi and Aarif. Tianyu and Chiling have a moment of on-screen “love” while Wang Jie completely freaks out during the final mission. However, it goes on smoothly and everyone is happy at the end.

Episode 8

1. First, they visit a porcelain shop. Wang Jie loves it and wants to buy it with her own money but Aarif immediately tells her nošŸ˜„. they visit one place which used to be underneath the sea level. It is gorgeous.

2. Finally, the group arrives in Italy. It is a small city next to the sea.Ā There is a pizza competition. The group must find three unique pizza restaurants and send a picture to the PDs. Yesh, scavenger hunt! The team that wins get an individual cabin during the next day’s boat trip. Aarif and Yang Zi wins and they decides to give their prizes to the noonas, knowing that Wang Jie will probably be seasick.

3. The younger group of friends (Tianyu, Aarif, Yang Zi, and Zhiling) go for a walk outside in the Old Port. The view is so pretty!! They take some selfies too…

Episode 9

1- They visit today an Ancient Rome historical site (Pompeii …sigh, I alsways wanted to go ><)…. Divided in two team (A; Xu Fan, Aarif Lee, Yang Zi, Chun Jie and B; Ma Tianyu, Lin Zhiling, Wang Jie). In total, the two teams must locate the 15 or some differents locations. Sadly, the two teams (more particularly Aarif’s) get lost and in total, they only find 8.

2-It is night time and everyone is tired. They go back to the hotel and rest. Another round of Heads Up starts! The PD crew win quite easily while the Noona Team struggles a lot. Second round is a personification one and thanks to Ma Tianyu’s also knowledge and Aarif’s Acting, they win smoothly!

3-Next, they go on a boat and arrives to an old castle from 1492. Everyone tries on some beautiful old renaissance clothing and Zhiling and Yang Zi looks gorgeous. Later, they also take some time to cook some classic Chinese Shen Jian Bao.

4-Today, they are holding a masquerade. The girls mission is to find robes/suits for all the cast members while the boys are in charge of giving out the invitation letters. The dresses are seriously gorgeous. Ma Tianyu must agree with me since he is totally in love with the appearance of Zhiling Jie Jie.

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