Promos for Yu Jie Gui Lai (Jade Sister Returns)


C-drama time with my girl Ady An! Oh yeah! If you didn’t know, I love this girl! She is awesome in all her acting scenes and made me cry multiple times with her great performance. She had done some really great dramas too: The Outsiders, Chinese Paladin 1, Yi Tian Tu Long Ji, etc.

Anyway, this 2015 drama called YuJieGuiLai, has being airing for a well now (it was released on March 18th) [actually not 100% sure if it really started airing] and I cannot believe it is only today I heard about it! Bad me!😦 Sadly, I don’t have the time to watch the drama right now, but I will definitely watch it as soon as I will be free. Here are some stills directly from the drama. It looks like a lot of fun! Other actors involved in the project include  Hou Jingjian, Zhu Yi Long (yeah another project for him!), Guo Yan, Chen Muyang, and Wang Junghe.


The story is about rich people, broken engagement, family dispute, etc. Gosh it sounds like a reused formula😛

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