Entertainment Update: Time to Love, To The Fore, The Monk, etc.

Here we go! There are a few stills and promotions for movies and dramas that came up during the past few days and I wanted to cover them without dedicating a huge post for each of them. It is mostly for you to know what is up in the C-entertainment and also because these stills are quiet pretty :3 First is the movie BuBuJingXin 新步步惊心 or also called Time To Love. It will star TW-actress Ivy Chen with her male leads: Tony Yang and Shawn Dou. As for now, only stills of Ivy Chen has been released so I am still waiting for male lead posters to see if the movie will be worth it or not. 1

Next up is the for the movie To The Fore which stars K-actor Choi Siwon and C-actors Eddie Peng and Shawn Dou (yes another of his movies!) These are more airing pictures, but they look quiet good! ^^ 1

Third is the movie The Monk which will star the most handsome man from HK entertainment (in my humble opinion) Aaron Kwok and the very funny C-actor Wang Baoqiang (whom you may have seen in the new variety show Real Men or the first season of Run Brother!). Other actors involved in the movie include Lin Chi-Ling, Fang Wei, Wang XueQi, Li XueJin and Vanness Wu. It is a big budget movie and I am quiet excited. It has being a while since Aaron did a period project. 7

Fourth, here are a few extra BTS pictures from the highly mediatised C-drama God of War Zhao Yun. Sadly no photos of the leads in this batch😦 4

Fiveth, here are more stills from the drama Hua Qian Gu with Zhao Liying and Wallace Huo. Don’t forget, it will starts airing at the beginning of June!! 1

Finally, I thought it would be appropirate to dedicate to William Chan a bit of space in this post since he is getting quiet popular right now. I snobbed him a bit in my last post for Zhao Liying by only focusing on the gorgeous female lead.😛 Redumption time! Here are a few BTS pictures from Mountain of Zu and some other of him eating ice cream! 6

ps; Apparently he is going to play the male lead for new Chinese adaption of HK drama A Step into the Past. Wow, it really seems like he is only doing period projects now! Personnally, I would love to see him in something more modern😛 0

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