[Feature] Artistic Weibo for Summer

Yes… I am trying something new…🙂 Here is a batch of my favorite messages on Weibo which are both extremely beautiful and well thought of :)) Happy vacations guys!😀 Hope all the finals went smoothly and you have an awesome summer!

First, lets start with the most recent: Ni Ni posted this lovely picture for her photo shoot😀


Then we have Gao Yuanyuan (who recently got married to Mark Zhao), sporting street fashion in what seems to be a fun outing:

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If we are talking about traveling, we should not forget about Aarif Lee, the gorgeous man and main guide for Noona Over Flowers:

0063TFPljw1errwlr5p1xj30zk1iaqhp 0063TFPljw1errwsncpjej30zk1hfqir

Then, back to Tong Liya who posted these beautiful pictures from the great wall of China:

5033b6dbjw1eroy7so9z2j23284lckjp Peter-ho

I also found these gorgeous pictures of Tong Liya with best friend Dong Xuan during their vacation in Thailand. Acting as twins, they look lovely here:

001AxaSkgy6RTL4k2NY22&690  5033b6dbjw1eroy7so9z2j23284lckjp

Talking about best friends, does anyone remember those beautiful memores of Ivy Chen and Janine Chang during the crazy trips the two BFF took for IC’s 30th birthday? It’s okay if you guys don’t as here are some pictures to commemorate that awesome celebration: 54477ddfjw1erow1xdh6dj20vv16haj9 Peter-ho

Another famous group of friends who keep getting articles posted about them are Zhao Wei, Fan Bingbing, and Ruby Lin. Two of the famous trio recently came together for a shopping session:


Another pair of celebrities best friend are Tang Yan and Yang Mi. They acted together on Chinese Paladin 3 and remained best friends after. Tang Yan even acted as the bridemaid of Yang Mi for her wedding with Hawick Lau😀

001AxaSkgy6RTKJUiSL1b&690 001AxaSkgy6RTKJv8etf9&690

Now, a whole voyage into time: when Yang Mi, Hu Ge, Liu Shishi and Yuan Hong used to be best buddies… here is one of my most nostalgic photo sets of celebrities: in 2009, the cast of Chinese Paladin 3 went to Egypt together😀

001AxaSkgy6RTKJUiSL1b&690 001AxaSkgy6RTKJv8etf9&690 1000

Anyway, here is a list of Celebrities best friends if you guys are curious and feels all warm in your hearts❤

  • Yang Mi+Tang Yan
  • Hu Ge+Yuan Hong+Liu Shishi
  • Wang Fei+Zhao Wei
  • Dong Xuan+Tong Liya
  • Janine Chang+Ivy Chen
  • … Probably more but I forgot :3

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