[Feature] Urban Chinese Slangs

Ok, for all the C-enternainment maniac, you have to know these words because they are used so often in the Chinese Entertainment! Here we go:

Nanshen男神: Male God or a male celebrity worshipped by a lot of people/very popular.

Nushen 女神: Female Goddess or a female celebrity worshipped by a lot of people/very popular.

小鲜肉 or Xiao Xian Rou or Fresh Meat: It is a noun used to describe young male (actor, singer, athlete) mostly under 30 years old who is very popular right now. A synonym to new blood.

Nuan Nan 暖男: Warm Man: Man who is friendly, caring, and positive or basically the perfect husband all girls should be looking for.

HuaMeiNan 花美男: Flower Boy

Duang: Word used by Jackie Chan first for his shampoo commercial that actually has no meaning. Netizens uses it a lot to poke fun at JC. The attributed definition: When your hair looks bouncy and vibrant. Nowadays, thanks to all the Cnetizens using it, it means ‘cool!’

38 三八, who is considered as a bitch

250 二百五, which means someone who is stupid

2B 二屄, stupid, by making a sexual reference


Bonus: Expression from popular drama

鱼塘夫妇 Ponds couple: Basically viral expression to describe Feng Tang and Xue ShanShan from Boss&Me. The expression comes from that scene when Feng Tang tells Shanshan that he reserved the whole pond/lake for her (like all the fishes are for her to catch xD).


不一样的美男 Not your average Flower Boy: Expression comes from the 2015 c-drama ‘A Different Kind of Pretty Man’, but used in a different context. It is a hashtag used on weibo to laugh at some c-actors for their weird performances. Example below


5 thoughts on “[Feature] Urban Chinese Slangs

  1. Reblogged this on SkimmedMilkDRAMA and commented:
    Fun fact: the chinese word for ‘duang’ is actually made up of Jackie Chan’s chinese name, 成龙, stacked together!

    Thought that this post was pretty useful and entertaining and yes, Zhang Han from the legit 不一样的美男子 (A Different Kind of Pretty Man) is indeed my 男神! (Nanshen/Male God)

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    • archidisign says:

      OMG. I didn’t even realize that! #shameonme x( I knew that word looked very similar to something😛
      Thank you! and Zhao Liying is my 女神😛


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