[Rumor][Denied] Zhao Liying dating William Chan?


Ok, this comes as a shocker for me and there is NO proof that it is really happening. So yeah, let’s try to not jump to conclusion and try to focus on whatever little facts that are available. Also, don’t forget that whenever a star is filming a project, the leads of the say drama will often be rumored as an item. So, this may very well be speculations from the Chinese Media.

First, everyone heard about the rumor relationship between Zhao Liying and Chen Xiao, after their hugely successful drama Legend of Lu Zhen (or also called Female Prime Minister) from 2013. They had their cute moments such as both of them appearing on a variety show where they acted like a real couple, Zhao Liying coming to film Return of the Condor Heroes with Chen Xiao (and their skinships during that day), and how Chen Xiao nominated Zhao Liying for the ASL Ice Bucket Challenge last summer. (ps; yes, I was one of these believers and followed their interactions like a maniac).

Since we are today in 2015 and even with all the cutie BTS pictures of the two, it seems that these two are not dating anymore (or they never dated). I feel a bit sad about this reality especially considering the golden times when the entertainment industry seemed to believe they were a true couple. On the other hand, since Legend of Lu Zhen, Chen Xiao had multiple rumored relationships (with Michelle Chen, Yang Rong and Yuan Shanshan) while Zhao Liying was also linked to her male leads (with William Chan, Ryan Zheng and Zhang Han). With so little interactions between them, it is very possible that they are not a couple.


Second, for William Chan, it is known fact that he was dating girlfriend Charlene Choi since 2010. People were hating on William Chan for this relationship because he was obviously the less known one. However, since the Ancient Sword drama last summer and The Four right now, he is getting quiet popular on his own. However, in the past few days, there are a lot of rumors that the two have broken up.šŸ˜¦ sad and surprising at the same time. And this news is the cause ofĀ all the drama right now.

Finally, there are a few insider information that media are taking as hints of William Chan and Zhao Liying are an item.

First, journalistsĀ took this picture and said that even if the two were just practicing lines, they were holding hands. Ok… I personnally think it is just because they are really into character.


Second, the journalists also pointed out that a kiss between the two leads took 3 hours to film and Zhao Liying also confirmed that this scene did indeed take a long time to shot. However, I am with my girl on this one. There is nothing wrong with taking your time to shot an important scene if it helps the drama to have better effects.

In conclusion, I have absolutely no idea what is going on, but I thought it would be only fair to share these ‘news’. However, I would point out that, as busy as these two are and if they really just came out of a relationship, I strongly doubt any of the two have the heart to date so soon.

Yop that’s all. Now, let me go cry in a corner because my OTP may be dead T_T

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