[Update 15/05/15] Zhao Liying and Zhang Han in new movie ‘The Rise of a Tomboy’


This will be the second collaboration between the two actors as they already worked together in very popular 2014 C-drama Boss&Me where Zhao Liying played the guffy and adorable Shan Shan and Zhang Han plays the perfect boss/boyfriend. In this new project, miss Zhao will play a strong woman with a boyish personality while Mr. Zhang will be an intellectual. The posters recently came out and sadly, I was not able to see the similarity between the cartoon version of the characters and the actors themselves… LOL

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On Weibo, both actors shared their excitement to work together. Zhang Han wrote:


‘You gotta come fast! I am filming everyday, I will probably not be accustomed to see someone suddenly. Furthermore if it is someone from some place called Zhu Mountain. May I ask where is Zhu Mountain?

Zhao Liying replies:


‘I am coming!~~~ Boss Tang be ready to defend/reply! After all I am coming down from Zhu Mountain’

Oh these two are adorable! :3 I super happy they will have a new project together. They had amazing Chemistry in Boss&Me and I think it will be fun to see her in a new movie (I loved her performance in the recently aired Crazy New Year’s Eve).

UPDATE: These two cutie pies went on a selfie chain by updating us with their cute BTS pictures.

Update 2: More stills of Zhao Liying, BTS and official poster!

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Bonus: What if the leads where superheroe? They would look really badass!!!

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3 thoughts on “[Update 15/05/15] Zhao Liying and Zhang Han in new movie ‘The Rise of a Tomboy’

  1. Yay! More Zhanghan!🙂 I do see a slight similarity between Zhanghan and his cartoon counterpart but I couldn’t figure out the similarity between Zhao Liying and her counterpart too.


    • archidisign says:

      Maybe they are trying to make Zhao Liying look taller/stronger than she actually is?
      I hope ZLY/ZH togethwer will be really fun to watch in this one! The sad thing is it is a movie, which means we, as international fans, will have to wait a loooong time before it will be online😦


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