[Recap] Run Brother Season 2 Ep.5 with Nicky Wu, Chen Qiao En


Loved the episode this week!! A lot of Chinese wuxia references and the filming took place at the location where The Four (Movie Edition) have been filmed, which is extremely exciting for me😀 Wang Zhu lan is officially my least liked cast member and I don’t think his ways are going to grow on me, which is kind of sad, since I don’t remember disliking him this much during season 1… maybe because he got too cocky from all the fame? :X

Another side note before, I start recapping: I decided to abandon the recapping of Noona Over Flowers (the show is just not fun anymore to watch, and I don’t feel like forcing myself to watch AND recap something I don’t like… However, I will try to find a good show to recap since I now have the time ^^ Maybe Happy Camp once in a while ^^) Oh, and if anyone is curious, there is a total of 12 episodes in season 2, which means we are almost half way down the road


The guests today are Chen Qiao En, Nicky Wu, and Du Chun. They appeared in the olden town on horses and join respectively their teams. I only know Nicky Wu as the hubby of my goddess Liu Shishi aka Prince Four, Chen Qiao En as the beautiful Republican Era maiden in Cruel Romance, and not really heard about Du Chun (even though he seems to have gained popularity from Enemy Camp for 18 Years in 2009). From this episode today, all I can say is I love them all! They are so cute (to be talked about a little later ^^)!


The white team is composed of Deng Chao, Wang Zhu Lan, Bao Bei Er, Angelababy (for once, not with Zheng Kai *clap clap clap* and Du Chun).


On the other hand, the grey team is composed of Chen He, Li Chen, Zheng Kai, Nicky Wu, and Chen Qiao En.


Oh, and there is a spy in each team, which means your enemy may just as well be your friend. Who ever thought it was a good idea to add swords to the entrance costume did not think thoroughly xD; because all boys have wished once in their younger days to be a swordman ^^ It is really funny watching them taking their swords out as soon as someone does a remark of any kind😛 The white team also sing a little bit of Ai (from Little Tiger Crew from which Nicky Wu once belong) and Zheng Kai get laughed at for not knowing a lot about LTC since he is so “young”.

First game: A group game! The leader must rotate around a baseball stick for a dozen of time. Then, three members much go through a COAT HANGER. Then, they must put on swim glasses and find little beans using their mouth in a bowl full of flour!! Sounds like a disaster already…


White team goes first here then it is the grey team. Nicky Wu is hilarious when he tries with great effort to go through the cloth hanger and blame on too much muscles XDD They also compare Bao Bei Er as a panda.~ Overall, it is an obvious win for the white team… It is also weird to see Angelababy and Chen Qiao en’s face all covered up with flour; for the guys it is one thing but for the girls, it really sets up a contrast. And before any of you male readers ask, NO, Putting on foundation does not equal flour =.=


Next game is a human bowling on soaped board game. Here is why I think Chen Qiao En is so cute!!! I mean look at here:

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Btw, Angelababy and Chen Qiao En had a “confrontation” about Cruel Romance and who Huang Xiaoming belong to, and it is cute how Chen Qiao En escape from the question :3…

704_1629118_716405 (1)   704_1629121_521850

This time, the blue team wins (2 vs 1), thanks to the speed and accuracy of Zheng Kai and the  strong stability of Li Chen. On the other hand, Chen He, Bao Bei Er, and the two girls really fails at this segment of the mission and only move each 1-3 meter each time xD…

Deng Chao tries once to push Chen He in the water and despite successfully hitting on him, CH does not move. CH argues it is thanks to “Stability” but lets be real, it is because you are eating too much ^^~~


Next game, they have to put balls of respective group color in the center of a turning platform. It is funny how since Wang Zhu Lan is so small, he is incapable of going on top of the said platform. The game ends on a 10 vs 9, in favor of the Grey team.


Final game! It is set in a BEAUTIFUL ancient chinese residency (near a lake, beautiful red rooftop, etc). The grey team have four hints and the yellow team, two. They must find all of the medals hidden in the palace and bring them to the final location. When you rip off one person’s name tag, you are allowed to take all their medals.


Zheng Kai have a really smart moment and is able to figure out instantly a hard hint involving Chinese vocabulary. *.* I am seriously in awe… Which is sadly not the case of the rest of his team members, who consider him as the possible spy for acting so “weirdly” xD

Deng Chao and Wang Zu Lan teams up together and the only word I can think of to describe those two is NIAN (Chinese word which means someone, often a guy, act extremely ladylike). Like each time they find a medal together, they would high 5 each other really softly to preven hitting their hands…. and this is only one example out of many😄


Chen Qiao En is super cute and does her best to find the clues. She also screams a lot, but since I am not the one nearby her, I don’t mind😛


Nicky Wu and Du Chun both does not talk a lot. Nicky Wu looks like a cute little puppy (hehe, seems as married life have soften him ^^). I disapprove his hairstyle which makes him really old and uncool, but oh well… at least this is not the look he is going for in Legend of Mountain Zu (which just finished filming!) At the end of the episode, we discover Nicky Wu is the spy of the white team but sadly, his tag is rapidly torn off by Zheng Kai

Angelababy, who we soon discover is the spy, openly tells it to her teammates. They are all like, what a hell… why would you tell us? She declares it is because she is a double spy and prefer winning with the White team than the Grey one. Real reason (which no one thought of *speechless*): to gain your trust so that it will be easier to rip your tags off!!😛 I must say, pros to her, she acted up really well and everyone believed her… In the end, she was the most important cast member and ripped out all three last members. Okay, I have to admit it is probably because the Run Brother cast love her and tend to go easy on her anyway, but seriously, I am really proud of her this episode😀


Hehe, overall, the episode this week is highly recommended, just for its awesome guests and the fun games! Also, Angelababy and Zheng Kai played really well this time so if you guys are their fans, you should definitely take a look🙂

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