Chen Xiao and Yuan Shanshan as Leads for Love Up in the Cloud


Yes, Chen Xiao and Yuan Shanshan are sadly back working for Yu Zheng. Yes, even after leading dramas away from the evil producer, they have to go back to their roots. The drama Love Up in the Air/Clouds is the first modern drama produced by Yumama and there are definitely pros and cons to his new career path.

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Pros: it will be harder for him to destroy historical facts because in modern time, there isn’t that many political characters to mimic. Cons: He has the tendency to put too much colors and artificial elements to his story and I think it is going to be weird to see a modern drama with such elements.1 2

However, I do want to point out I watched his short web series Palace II online (it is a time travelling story mostly based in modern time) and enjoyed it very much. So maybe there is still hope for him.

Other actors involved in the project are Guo Xiaodong, Jing Shijia, Zhang Zhehan, He Hongshan, Mi Re and Cai Wenjing. The drama started filming in April this year and the story is about the entertainment business.

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And of course, because the story evolves around actors and drama prodction, Yumama is going to slide in the story some irrelevant plotlines such as a period drama, a Shanghai and a vampire story for the main characters… Gosh I am scared of the final result.

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