Ni Ni and Feng Shaofeng Breaks up


I would like to point out this couple have been on and off for a while, so this may not be such a big deal. For all we now, it may just have been a stupid fight…

Ni Ni and Feng Shaofeng have been together for three years and have acted in a movie together called Love Will Tear Us Apart, so I am sure the fans must be really disappointed… Plus, it seemed like they were about to get engaged this year, which makes this news even sadder:/ It has already been confirmed by an insider and the representatives of both sides have remained silent. The insider also declare the ex-couple broke up during 2015 Valentine’s Day period.

This couple have always been extremely public, so while we cry of sadness, here are some pictures of the two during the last three years:


Both Feng ShaoFeng (William Feng) and Ni Ni aknowledged the situation on weibo right now and shared some ambigues message.

Ni Ni first wrote him [峰绍冯,说你呢[拜拜]//@新浪娱乐:[拜拜] #冯绍峰倪妮分手#] which I translate to “FengShaoFeng, They are talking about you [emotican for bye]”// [emoticon for bye] #FengShaoFengNiNiBrokeup#

FengShaoFeng then replied her [妮倪,你叫谁?[挖鼻] ] which I translate to “Ni Ni, What do you say? [emotican for digging nose]”.


What are your thoughts on that? :O Does the byebye emoticons really mean bye or are they having fun over the media’s depiction of the situation? At least we know they are not mad at each other, right? ^^


7 thoughts on “Ni Ni and Feng Shaofeng Breaks up

  1. panda-pop says:

    aww, it really is like their movie where the two main characters just can’t make it work😦

    to be honest, ni ni is wayyy more gorgeous than feng shaofeng. I like him, but def #teamnini!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. HJ says:

    Those 2 were so “cool” about their breakup on their weibos almost gave me goosebumps lol. They were doing pun on their names. Before in a press conference? of the movie they starred together, they said that if they ever broke up, they’ll spell their names backwards.

    Because both FengShaoFeng and NiNi have same pronounciations even if you say their name backwards…just different Chinese character used. So that’s why when the news of their breakup rose to surface, FengShaoFeng called NiNi “妮倪” and NiNi called FengShaoFeng ” 峰绍冯”


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