Entertainment Update: Beautiful Secret, Hua Qian Gu, Tomb Raiders etc

Yes! Another Update on the dramas/movies/TV shows so soon! While, it is because C-entertainment doesn’t sleep!😛 So, what happened during the second half of May 2015? More stills came out, more projects were announced! So, let’s get to it:

First, the drama God of War Zhao Yun is finishing up filming and is starting to advertise itself outside! Here are some pictures of YoonA in these.



Next, Peter Ho and Victoria’s project Beautiful Secret released more ‘Beautiful’ stills😉

Next next is the Hua Qian Gu producers! They released gorgeous little chibi version of all the characters and they look sooo cute! *_* Don’t forget, the drama will start airing this June 9th! I need to watch it soon.

Next next next is Tomb Raiders! This drama as we are all familiar to by now is going to star Li Yifeng, Tang Yan and Yang Yang. Here are extra stills you can look at while waiting for the release of the drama!

Also, we have a veryy exciting news. Ariel Lin, Vic Zhou and Chen Bolin will costar together for the sequel to Du La La Promotion movie sequel. Yeah! I watched the 2010 movie and although that movie was good, it was nothing compared to the drama version! Anyway, this trio of Taiwanese actors may bring the movie to new heights because I love all three’s acting, especially in modern times!


Hunan will start to broadcast a new drama tentatively called Love You, Thousands Year of Silk, I don’t recognize anyone in this drama except Kenny Kwan. :S Let’s hope it is good because based on the stills… I am not watching!😛


There is going to be a new version of the Jing Yong novel Ode to Gallantry for 2015. Good because I really felt we were missing Wuxia dramas this year. This version will star Zhang Jiani, Cai Yida, He Jiayi, Li Zixiong, and Hu Wenyue.


Talking about action, the variety show Real Men with Yuan Hong started airing recently and here is his poster.


Yang Mi and Luhan recently started filming for their movie Blind.

1 2 3

Ady An’s Yu Jie Gui Lai or Jade Sister Returns is definitely not airing right now. Sorry for the wrong information before! Anyway, it is still being filmed and here are more BTS. She looks so pretty in all these pretty clothing, especially the wedding dress *o*

Finally, there is apparently going to be a new version of the drama Women on the Breadfruit Tree. I am personnally a little bit surprised considering Tang Yan did that drama a few years back. Anyway, this time it is going to star Chen Qiao En! Here are some BTS pictures.

1 2 4

Next, the movie Love Without Distance that is starring Francis Ng and Yao Xingtong as main leads and Ma Tianyu as second lead. We first covered the movie in this post

Finally, we have the movie Jian Bing Man xD Jian Bing is like my favorite Chinese street food so I find it very funny they are using such a name for a Chinese Super Heroe Movie. The official English name of the movie is A Hero or Not (and my guess goes toward not :P). The movie will star Da Pengpeng and Yuan Shanshan.


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