[Fast Review and Story line Recap] Tiger Mom Ep. 11-20


Hehe, I am back on track :)) Did a marathon of Tiger Mom (which was painful since there is no more good websites to watch it :”D) So many more episodes got released in the past few days and there is a lot to talk about, so here we go!

Gallery for the last few episodes

First, please go here if you want a summary of the first 10 episodes. I am watching alternatively on Youku and QQ, here is a [link]

Summary of last few episodes:


The dad of Bi Shen Nan is still at the noisy apartment and have now prepared a whole study program for his little girl. Haha, it is fun seen the whole family helping Qian Qian, even BSN who finds him too strict😄. He also brings QQ to a student reunion and tried to give QQ “cat food” (we later discover it is actually normal food) for not doing what he told her. Everyone is mad at him for his actions. After a discussion with BSN, the grandfather agrees QQ is not his daughter and he should let BSN educate her. He leaves and go back to the countryside, bringing his problem precursor son with him :”)…

Two new issues:


1- the teacher of QQ have been changed to a younger and a lot less experimented teacher and everyone, especially BSN, is extremely mad. She would even go as far as set up the teacher to get fired 0.0… Luckily, she later learns to appreciate the younger teacher’s work ethics and her love for QQ and eventually let it go


2- Tang Lin, also known as the ex-girlfriend of Luo Shu, comes back in town and often secretly meets Luo Shu. She definitely have a secret agenda even though we are not sure yet what it is. She would continuously show LS the bad side of BSN’s education skills and act nic around QQ and step-mother. (Perso, I hate how BSN handle the situation: she automatically considers TL as a love rival and tries to provoke her instead of talk it off with LS… Like, if I ever get married, I don’t want to have this kind of relationship with my hubby :”D Also, this does not really help the situation I think, because that just makes her ugly inside and out and will not make LS fall for her again XD… Plus, BSN should address the problem directly)


Anyway! Another problem happens: Since BSN believes it is important for the child to be well educated, she prevents any interaction with the paternal grandparents. Ofc, the grandma is not happy and decides to go live with them for a while…Even so, BSN refuses the two to have any interactions. Thanks to some secret lessons from Tang Lin, LS learns how to handle the problem and everything gets solved up after 3 episodes ^^

Now, BSN has started a job. She discovers her boss is the father of the most outstanding student in QQ’s class, a man who is extremely strict… She is now struggling, give QQ the education suggested by TL (let the child grows happily by finding activities she likes) or listen to her boss (strict strict strict)?


The story line is not bad at all! I love how she is finally working again; BSN is a strong woman and I do think her place is at a place where she will be fully herself. Plus, his boss is really funny and adorable! :3 I find the grandmother too self-centered, she is pretty much making the life of BSN like hell… IT IS NOT UR CHILD, your child already grown up, get over it!!! But at the same time, I can kind of understand why she is scared:/ … Otherwise, I love how there is finally a balance in the family, which after everything that just happened, are highly appreciated🙂

Oh, and here are some of my favorite gifs from the last set of episodes (a lot feats the cute and bubbly Qian Qian):




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