Mini Weibo Update


What happened on Weibo this week of May 2015? Good question and here are the answers!

First, here are the second leads from God of War Zhao Yun promoting the drama and its imminent release for this summer. Cute how the girls had to chose which male co-actors is the most handsome. Godfrey is all shy :3

GodofW GodofW3

Jimmy Lin shared pictures of his cute little son swimming in a fancy pool.


Dedicated Wang Leehom and his wife went during Mother’s Day to an orphanage to volunteer. Aren’t they the sweetheart couple or what?


Zhao Wei enjoying a needed break this summer by going to the sea.

 ZW2 ZW3

Kris Wu shared some fanservices :3


On May 18th, he added two extra pictures of himself enjoying life in China. Maybe it is related to the whole thing between SM and Krishan right now? (apparently the court forced arbitration between Krishan and SM, but it seems like this new ruling has no real impact on our two ex-k-idols).

Kris Kris2

Yang Mi have been getting a lot of media attention this week since an imposter have been posting on her behalf… It is kind of scary O.O… HOWEVER, it is nice to see a lot of top actors/actresses/producer have came forward to speak on her behalf:


Furthermore, here is an awesome picture of “professional” basketball-er Jiang Jingfu❤ He is participating as a member of the FBA with a ton of HANDSOME C-actors in a series of basketball competition:


In addition, they released a mini-clip today which I highly recommend to watch🙂. It features Peter Ho who brags about his training despite failing later at throws xD and Janine Zhang encouraging everyone to do beter than Peter ^^. A lot of celebrities answer to the threat:


Youthful Blood *thumbs up*


Fro Jiang Jingfu: @Hu Ge: I will not tell you either, @PeterHo: I am preparing a group of cheerleaders, wanna going?

We also have William Chan posting a selfie of himself with a gorgeous fan gift, roses! Or maybe, is it from his girlfriend (or ex-girlfriend) Charlene Choi? Can’t be Liying!

He writes as description for this picture: “Yes….. I DO …”


As for Zhang Han, he also shared selfies of himself with and without Zhao Liying. Ohoho

ZH2 Zhang Han

Wants to see more actors interacting together? Here are TW-actor Jiro Wang with C-actor Godfrey Gao.


Finally, we have Gillian Chung promoting her new single with Charlene Choi (Twins!) The single LOL is now available on Itunes!



Finally, if anyone free like been a stalker, please watch this video posted by Deng Chao where you see Deng Deng Deng walk in the airport by himself for 1 whole minute😄

5 thoughts on “Mini Weibo Update

    • archidisign says:

      xD I am sorry if I scared you (I was definitely not careful with my words… sorry) I changed the description!
      There are rumors that the two may have broken up and since their reps didn’t deny, I assumed it may be true. Anyhow, there are not enough information yet so let’s hope they are still together.


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