New drama Tea Love 闪亮铭天 Releases Trailer + Stills


戴阳天 ‘Tea Love’ stars Zhu Zi Xiao, Pan Zhilin, and Dai Xiangyu. It should be released later this month…

This new drama, true to its name, is about tea. It is the story of a girl not too rich and a boy very rich, both working in the tea industry. They first lie about being in a relationship then actually fall in love. They are like Romeo and Juliet since their family are enemies and apparently the father of the girl *spoiler* killed the father of the boy. The girl has a car accident, etc. SO, I would say it is your average modern drama. ^^

Character Stills:

a b c d e

However, this drama is interesting for me for two reasons! First, it stars a big crush of mine, Zhu Zi Xiao. So, while waiting for his drama with Zhao Liying Lucky Tian Bao (which by the way I have no idea when it will be released) I can maybe watch this?! Normally, ZZX choses his project wisely so let’s hope he is doing the same here too.


Second, this drama is about tea and I love tea! xD It can easily replace coffee for me, because it feels like it calms me and make me more wise. Anyway, I feel a little bit sad for the tea material (especially the tea cups and the tea pots) in this drama because they always seem to be thrown on the floor.

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