9 Chinese Ancient Dramas We Demand to See!! + 7 others


Or at least the ones I want to see badly! I did not put the dramas with rumored air date coming very soon, the ones with confirmed broadcasting date, the ones that just finished shooting or the ones I have no crazy interest in. Here is a list of 9 Chinese Ancient Dramas filmed and ready to be broadcasted. For all of these dramas, their actors and actresses already moved on to new projects but the drama itself is still in the cave, with no air date to be announced😦

List with no specific order

1. The Legend of Qin (Qin’s Moon) 秦时明月


2. Legend of Xiaozhuang (Legend of Da Yu Er) 大玉儿传奇


3. The Imperial Doctress 女医·明妃传


4. The Legend of Miyue 芈月传


5. The Legend of Ban Shu 班淑传奇


6. Yun Zhong Ge (Yunge from the Desert) 云中歌


7. Princess of Lan Ling Wang (Princess of Orchid Hills) 兰陵王妃


8. Lucky Tianbao 吉祥天宝


9. Legend of Di Renjie 2015 通天狄仁杰


Honorable mentions: The ones I have less interest in, but I hope for the sake of the drama itself it will be aired soon!

1. City of Desesperate Love (Hua Yu Xin) 华胥引之绝爱之城


2. Nirvana on Fire (Lang Ya Bang) 琅琊榜


3. Female Bodyguard of Song 大宋女镖师


4. Singing All Along 秀丽江山之长歌行


5. The Female Assassins in the Palace 金钗谍影


6. Princess Jieyou 解忧公主


7. Cocotown Romance 茧镇奇缘


4 thoughts on “9 Chinese Ancient Dramas We Demand to See!! + 7 others

  1. humbledaisy1 says:

    Honorable mentions 1,2, and 6, please. Even if the roles aren’t quite right (and I’m only going by what more informed people have written), Kevin Cheng and Wallace Huo are only getting older. We need to see them now! 6 just looks fun, though.


    • archidisign says:

      Haha! Very true! At the rate period dramas are coming out, I fear the actors playing in them will become less relevant by then😦
      I hope Qin’s Moon will be good since it is produced by Tangreen and I heard some really good feedback from people watching the anime version. As for Da Yu Er, I wanna watch it just because it is a Qin Dynasty Harem one. :3
      Yun Zhong Ge is on my TOP list because it has Angelababy, Chen Xiao and Yang Rong! I really hope that it will be aired soon (rumored to be aired after Hua Qian Gu).


  2. Linda says:

    Watching Female Assassins in the Palace now. Try to watch Legend of Miyue on Viki.com but got take off. Where can I watch it at with English Subtitles.


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