Photoshoot : Liu Wen and Choi Siwon


Here is a special post for everybody’s favorite couple on We Are in Love/We Got Married Chinese Edition! No, not everybody’s? Well, it is mine so I am going to dedicate a post for the super model Liu Wen and the Korean pop star Choi Siwon. The couple recently did a photoshoot for the magazine Elle. They are extra cute and goofy even off the camera so I added some extra gifs of them together!






Now, here is the photoshoot!

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4 thoughts on “Photoshoot : Liu Wen and Choi Siwon

  1. The gifs are really cute! And you must have got it wrong… Everyone’s favourite couple is definitely Kimi Qiao and Xu Lu!!! Hahahaha just kidding but that’s my favourite couple hehe.


    • archidisign says:

      HAHA. Yes, because in my head, everyone is like me!
      Oh really? I kind of skipped their part ._. Ok, I will try watch them and see if I will like them as much as you do😛


  2. archidisign says:

    skimmedmilkdrama: xD don’t worry! Already got diabetes from watching Chen Xiao/Zhao Liying interacting 2 years ago😛


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