Yuan Hong and Zhang Xinyi are a couple!


[Edit: Yuan has confirmed the rumors on May 23rd]

For anyone who weren’t aware, today is May 20th, which is the Chinese Valentine’s Day (520 sounds like I love you in Chinese)… I was actually really sad to not write an article about love today… but as you can see, Yuan Hong does not disappoint :DD

(oh, and in related but not so much news, Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy set their wedding for October 2015 in Shanghai and are planning a photoshoot in Paris ^^)

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Iqiyi just released news that Yuan Hong and Zhang Xinyi are dating ^^ *throws confetti*. This is great news for me since I love both so much. Yuan Hong played in Condor Heroes of 2009 while Zhang Xinyi played in Beijing Love Story in 2012. Both are super adorable. My guess is they meet on the set of Princess Jieyou (which was done filming last year ><) and then fall madly in love *me been delusional* Yuan Hong is filming Real Man these days…

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From the pictures of Iqiyi, the two are sharing a roof and are seen kissing, which should be enough proof to make this couple official ^^.

Here is the trailer of their drama Princess Jieyou ^^:

Here is their episode together on Run Brother:


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