[Fast Review and Story line Recap] Tiger Mom Ep. 21-30


10 more episodes got released, which means only 15 remains :”D It has been such a fun and educational ride and I kind of don’t want to stop watching, but I really need closure from the storyline *conflicted feelings*.


On one hand, I am tired of the lack of character development of Luo Shu, who do not try to understand his wife and is continuously waiting for her to forgive him, without taking any actions. I just want to SHAKE him and make him realize how by talking to TL and not trying to work things out with BSN, he is destroying his marriage!! And while we are at it, he should ditch his **** friend who is practically helping him destroying his relationship with Sheng Nan. But then again, this is the typical reaction of a man, and I doubt he is going to change. There is only two possibilities, they are going to work out things or it is divorce ._. A lot of people are shipping Bi Shengnan with her boss, Du Feng, and I have to admit; they have good chemistry. However, I am still believing LS and BSN can work things out (don’t let me down LS >///<).

On the side stories, I am enjoying the one of Bi Ran and Zhao teacher (super cute ><) and the character development of Du Feng. TL, LS, and the grandmother all are annoying me to no end in this part of the drama. I think QQ is growing up really well and the only thing that can ruin her education right now is if her parents divorce, which I hope is not going to happen🙂

Pictures of Tong Dawei Aka Luo Shu


We left off last time at choice of Bi Shan Nan. Now, she has made her choice: go for the alternative! She added a ton of extra activities for her daughter, which includes swimming, dancing, and Chinese calculus. This way, she believes her daughter will get both time to improve and have fun! Her hubby does not agree, but hey! why did you marry a tiger mom, right?


In the family, things start to become more difficult, especially since the grandma discovers her husband have been sending money to his first love who must undergo cancer surgery and Luo Dan discovers her husband has a mistress and intends to dump her. The two grandparents enter a cold war, but they work it out when the grandma eventually accepts this as this actions and consider them as part of the past of the grandfather. Luo Dan on the other hand, is less lucky; she divorces her rich husband (BSN helps her during the settlement and allow her to get alimony for this betrayal). (Sad that everything is going so badly in the two families :(( ).


With her boss, some people are shipping them together

Next is a problem at work, BSN has been set up for a project on bottled water and must stay at home >< sad… but she successfully work her way out. However, because she didn’t really supervise the work of her daughter, QQ is no longer second in her class. BSN is no longer worried though, since she decided her daughter should be happy too :P


As she takes a step back from her usual parenting skills, she decides to go visit TL with LS and see what kind of mother. A series of happy moments follow this decision and after listenning to TL and Du Feng (her boss) BSN eventually decides to use a parenting that is both strict and fun!


Her brother is now back! (BAD NEWS) He starts flirting with QQ’s teacher, Zhao Jiale and tells her all kind of lies about his past: how no one loved him when he was young, how he is an university teacher, how smart he is, etc. She eventually falls for him and he, for her (problems, I can feel it).

In her back, LS and TL have even more interactions (which grrr, makes me so mad). BSN eventually discovers, after some speculations, that LS’s passcode for his bank account is the birthday of TL and finds out he has kept money away from me… (oho… not good). She confronts him but he refuses to admit he did anything wrong. The two starts a cold war.


During this period, LS visits TL and drink alcohol with her. He brings her to her apartment. Sadly for LS, BSN hears about this (she was on a business trip) and rush to the location, only to discover her husband hugging another women wearing nothing but a towel (major problem!)… Even colder war coming up…

Rating wise:

On May 18th, the official datas are: 爱奇艺:5.72亿、搜狐:2.8亿、乐视:1.6亿、腾讯:5.99亿、优酷:4.06亿,全网播放总量20亿 where 亿 equals one hundred million

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