[Update 05/26/2015] C-Movie Bride Wars Releases more Stills!


Movie 新娘大作战, adapted from the Hollywood movie of the same name, released a new trailer today!🙂 It is a short clip, but it present how the two girls (Ni Ni and Angelababy) try to ask into married their boyfriend, without any success… :”)

I don’t have a lot to say about the movie, but check out our earlier post here are here? O:)

In the movie, Angelababy will be coupled with Chen Xiao and takes on the role of Anne Hathaway, a girl who has always let her best friend get the best of her but learns to say no for her own wedding. Ni Ni plays the role of Kate Hudson, the fiancee of Zhu Yawen, a strong headed woman who wants the perfect wedding. The two discovers their wedding have been set on the same day…oups?

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Gifs of Angelababy+Chen Xiao:

6f84f138gw1esalb76gkwg209w05knh4 6f84f138gw1esalbe7xutg209w05kha2 6f84f138gw1esalblrmxng209w05khb7 61e7f4aajw1esahjhnmw0g20c607yx6x

Other gifs:


More stills:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

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