[Feature] Hu Ge and his Romances/Bromances


Hu Ge is definitely a great actor and it is so shameful we don’t cover him more on this post! Hence, we are redeeming ourselves by writing two posts about him! The other one about his current projects will come out soon😉 This one is about all his romances and bromances on the small screen with his costars! Oh gosh he is good at creating couple chemistry😛 (NB.: all pictures are taken from weibo, so credits to his fans!)

First, as a third of the original super trio of Tangren media, here is my favorite combo of all: Hu Ge, Liu Shishi and Yuan Hong. With Yuan Hong who left the company a few years back, it is now hard to see them interact as much as they did in the past.

1 2 3

Now, let’s cover the two by two pairings!😛


Hu Ge and Liu Yifei (project: Chinese Paladin 1)


Hu Ge and Yang Mi (project: Chinese Paladin 3)


Hu Ge and Ady An (project: Chinese Paladin 1)


Hu Ge and Liu Shishi (project: Da Mao Yao/Sound of the Desert, Chinese Paladin 3)


Hu Ge and Tang Yan (project: Chinese Paladin 3, Xuan Yuan Sword, Unbeatable 2)


Hu Ge and Ariel Lin (project: Legend of the Condor Heroes, the Little Fairy)


Hu Ge and Michelle Bai (?) (project: The Myth)



Hu Ge and Wallace Huo (projects: Chinese Paladin 3)


Hu Ge and Yuan Hong (project: Legend of Condor Heroes)

note: The greatest bromance of all however goes to Hu Ge and Yuan Hong. It is only fair after all since they are the ultimate couple and the kissing pictures are proofs! Haha, I am joking. Although, they did share the same room for a few years when they started in the Show Biz.

4 5  8 10


Hu Ge and Wu Lei (project: Nirvana on Fire)

In the meanwhile, fans of the actor have been eagerly waiting for his return on the small and big screen, especially for his drama Nirvana on Fire. Here is one collage of Hu Ge with younger actor Wu Lei on the set of the say drama. I am very excited for their future chemistry on the show😛


4 thoughts on “[Feature] Hu Ge and his Romances/Bromances

    • archidisign says:

      Wu Lei is a child actor (he is currently 15 years old). Apparently, he played the younger version of the child version of one of Hu Ge’s character in a drama (I believe it was in Chinese Paladin 3, but I am not sure). Anyway, right now, they are working on Nirvana on Fire together and they seem to bound really well, based on the pictures.
      OMG those gifs are soo cute! That’s it, I am shipping them too. Pls let them date each other, dramagod!


  1. kisaOO says:

    May I add that his pairing with Liu Tao (Nivrvana in Fire) is an unexpected great one ?🙂 in a more mature/dramatic/tragic way though


    • Thanks for the suggestion!😀 I wrote this post last year and hence it is missing the new pairings😦 (from Nirvana in Fire, Good Time, Disguiser) I definitely agree that Liu Tao and Hu Ge are super adorable together and their love story is really close to a bromance at some level :3


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