Movie Tiny Times 小时代 4.0 attends Conference and Releases more Stills


Finally! It seems Guo Jing Ming is done releasing all of those character posters (see this article right here) It has more main cast than any other movies I have seen to date, apart maybe those movies from DC and Marvel ^^, but I was really getting tired of updating my old posts :))

Guo Jing Ming must get tired from all the promotions he is doing simultaneously for his three movies (Tiny Times 4, LORD, Oh My God), but he seems to enjoy all this media attention. He also made it in the top 100 of Most Popular Chinese Celebrities of Forbes 2015 list. This week, almost the WHOLE cast attended the press conference of the movie and released the MV by A-Mei.

This is the official MV of the movie, called 灵魂尽头 and have been song by A-Mei. I find it really different from all the previous theme songs of the saga, in a good way of course🙂.

For all of you mandarin speaker/listener, here is a released BTS video where you can see the main cast interact with each other, talk about their work ethics, and contain many stills from the last segment of the saga.🙂

Here are the pictures from the press conference



I have no idea what the theme of this picture is, but DERP definitely comes to mind

704_1628845_115474 704_1628850_668784

My guess, all the male actors are too tall for Guo Jing Ming and that is why he does not want to pose next to them xDD

Here are some more stills from the movie. Remember! The movie have been filmed at the same time as the third one; therefore, a lot of the stills come from past movies… Here are my favorites:

46d7df02gw1es1rd7lkhrj20xc0m8tdh 46d7df02gw1es1rd9ejj5j20xc0m8q9g 46d7df02gw1es1rdbh4hdj20xc0m8dln 704_1628055_874666U9759P704DT20140206085603 - Copy U9759P704DT20140206085353 U9759P704DT20140206085353 - Copy U9759P704DT20140206085327 U9759P704DT20140206085327 - Copy

Hehe, really pumped up at the idea of watching this movie soon :DD Don’t forget, it will be released July the 9th….😀

UPDATE 2015 May 23rd

Character stills of EVERYONE!

Source 1// Source 2

7 thoughts on “Movie Tiny Times 小时代 4.0 attends Conference and Releases more Stills

  1. humbledaisy1 says:

    I’ve watched the first three Tiny Times movies (and the drama series too!) but only in their subbed forms. I think I still need a recap of the Lin Xiao and her novelist boyfriend Zhou Chongguang. I am still not sure what exactly happened here.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Actually, me neither I didn’t fully understand the plot :”D I feel like the third movie acted like a filler and they intentionally didn’t show what happened to Lin Xiao aand Zhou Chonguang. As for the drama (which I also watched ^^), I feel like they only covered the first half of the books, probably because they wanted to make a season 2 (which didn’t happen because the series wasn’t popular enough :/)
      From what I know, Gong Ming in order to cover up some scandals involving the company acted as if his brother died from cancer and then made him undergo plastic surgery. Even if ZCG want to see LX, he can’t since it would mess up the plans, however, since he loves her, he decides to become a top model..🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • intellectualkitten says:

        I am not sure if they talked about all of this in the third movie :”D I remember reading all this info from a Chinese website😛


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