[Recap] Run Brother Ep. 6 with Singers! (Yao Chen, Xiao Jingteng, etc.)


Super fun intro this week!! :)) I only know two guests out of five, but they are still

Hehe, before I start recapping, here are some awesome soon to be guests: Yang Mi, William Chan, Tang Yan!!! >< So excited

Guests (there is a lot! 2 girls and 3 boys):

  1. Yao Chen -Superstar, I don’t really know any of her works, but she seems to be the most popular star on Weibo
  2. Jike Juanyi – Singer who got popular from The Voice 2012
  3. Xiao Jingteng – 蕭敬騰, a Taiwanese Mandapop Singer
  4. Da Peng – 大鹏, another singer
  5. Shin – 导师 信, a singer

Whole video here in HD:


The concept today looks a lot like The Voice: 4 teachers each choosing (except this time, it is imposed) 2 different disciples in a competition of music! The lovely cast of Run Brother are all in from of the platform and wildly fangirling each time a new teacher is introduced😛 Angelababy definetly makes the best fangirl while Xiao Jingteng created the best “mini concert” entrance… As for the worse, I would go with Deng Chao; not because he can’t sing, but because he was booed by the rest of the cast :”D



Xiao Jingteng


Deng Chao


Yao Chen seems a little husky in front of the screen, but it is true she hasn’t been in front of the public eye for a long time. At least, she seems to hit it off with her fellew team member, Bao Beier!😄 In total, there is four teams:

704_1634603_654478 704_1634604_790609

704_1634606_494501 704_1634608_749557

They go directly to their first mission’s set. I am seriously speechless; they have reserved the WHOLE attraction park to themselves for the filming…. >< And it seems to be a new attraction park (like everything seems super clean). In a country like China and knowing one ticket for attraction park normally costs about 50 dollars, this is crazy!!



The four teams are separated in two: Green and Pink go on a long and high roller coaster while the Yellow and Blue go on a U-coaster (don’t know the name of it, sorry ><). G and P team must sing songs while “traveling” on the roller coaster. Da Peng declares:”I know I am supposed to be happy [since we are on a variety show], but since yesterday in the hotel, I was trembling knowing there is an attraction park so close by”.😄 And he is not lying; DP is definitely the worse during this game; closing completely his eyes and becoming white… They perform the least well (normal, considering how naturally Shin sang during this segment XD) and have less hints.



Da Peng

On the other side of the attraction park is the Blue (Yao Chen’s) and Yellow (XJT’s) team. They must go on the coaster with a cup of water with an open end and try to keep the most water in the cup. >< It seriously seems impossible, considering there is so much rotating and up and down, but the YC team put on quite a good fight and successfully win the game ^^…


Next segment, they are all together once again and get to eat delicious Dim Sum >< (so lucky, I want so too ><)

The mission is also extremely easy: match the pots of the dim sum dishes by pairing those containing the same musical instrument image on the back. Two members would seat in the back and get punished if the answer is wrong. :3 The four contestants: Yao Chen, Angelababy, Deng Chao, and Zheng Kai. ~ Who ever thought Deng Chao and Zheng Kai are good at memory game obviously didn’t know them. Their teammates each got at least 10 punishments ><…

Finale game: a tag ripping game! They must find different numbers hidden small wooden boxes. In total, there is 26 pieces and the winning team must have them all and guess from it the title of a song. Of course, when ripping up of the opposite team member, they would get that team’s pieces. As of the teachers, if they get ripped off, all the team is eliminated…


Deng Chao just walk around, he knows the main event of this segment is ripping off the tags and decides he will just wait for the other teams to search before eliminating them😛. The blue team, on the other hand, decides to work with the yellow team so that together, they can eliminate the others.

The first one to get eliminated is Jike. She is killed by Li Chen from the back (not cool dude ><) while doing a one on one with Wang Zulan. Her teammate, Yao Chen, tries to do the same thing on Deng Chao (haha, why always going after the green team? :”D) as he was watching Jike’s battle, but get caught. As she gets ripped off, all her team, including ao Bei Er and Li Chen (muahaha), get out too.

Then, during the game, Shin gets rip off thanks to the co-work of Deng Chao and Da Peng, getting rid of instantly everyone in the pink team. Only yellow and green remains, but it is hard to catch XJT, since he is really tall, fast, and agile. They however find WZL and easily rip him off, even though he do put out a good fight. Only Zheng Kai and XJT remains. Those two however find a RM phone and received a special advantage: they can revive one person of another team. The Yellow team chooses Li Chen (duh!) and successfully get rid of DC and collect the 26 letters. They win the game!!

PS. Xiao Jingteng came up with one of my favorite mandopop song called 王妃. It is super good, so I am posting it here in case anyone is curious🙂 Also, hola to me if you guys want a list of mandarin recommended songs :))

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