[Feature] Hit shows on Chinese Broadcasting Channels


I was recently curious about which programs are presented by which channel, so here is a quick presentation for you guys!!🙂 All of them got Youtube channels recently or since a few years so I encourage you to watch directly from YT channels if you wish HD videos ^^


The oldest to rule them all 8D. Joking, even though it is the most well established (since 1958), CCTV is getting a lot less popular these recent years with the younger public. Indeed, it does not present any idol dramas or shows and tend to go for the more serious and governmental stuffs. However, people tend to tune in for news and documentaries🙂 It is also the most diffused channel around the world.


Most popular variety shows:

  1. Spring Festival Gala (most watched event in the world)
  2. A Bite of China (cooking documentary)
  3. China Got Talent (broadcasting right now, with Fan Bingbing)


Most popular shows:

  1. Xi You Ji (Journey to the West) (If you lived in China when you were you, you must have watched this at least 3 times ^^)
  2. Dream of the Red Chamber
  3. Return of Condor Heroes 2006

Hunan TV

Okay, this one must be the most well known channel😛 It presents the most hits and has presented the longest running variety show, Happy Camp. Hunan TV excels both in drama and variety shows and is the most popular regional channel🙂 I first started watching Chinese shows and dramas from their channel and do believe they have awesome projects!

Most famous variety shows:

  1. Happy Camp (longest running variety show)
  2. Dad Where are You Going?
  3. Super Girl/ Super Boy (home of many popular singers like Lee Yuchun)
  4. Diva Hits the Road

Most popular dramas:


  1. My Fair Princess aka Huan Zhu Ge Ge
  2. Bubujingxin
  3. Ancient Sword
  4. Palace
  5. Chinese Paladin
  6. Empress of China


Jiangsu TV

This is the channel for all those single souls who wishes to find love or those coupled people who wishes to understand love. Seriously, I don’t know if it is intentional, but they have mostly dating/love shows. If You are the One is one of the oldest variety show on TV and has been a hit for years; it is about finding the perfect partner to date. We Are in Love is their newest hit and is the Chinese version of We Got Married, about celebrity dating show. Finally, another show from this year, For her Battle, also from 2015, is a competition show for married Celebrities.

Most popular variety shows:


  1. If You are the One (one of the most popular and stable shows)
  2. We Are in Love (WGM)
  3. Superman is back
  4. (Star Chef Arrives: Not super famous, but I love it ><)

Most popular dramas:

  1. Three Kingdom
  2. Boss and Me // San San Let’s Eat


Zhejiang TV

Zhejiang is kind of scary. For the high number of hit shows it has compare to the number of project they released. The Voice of China was a hit since the FIRST episode and was the trend for SIX whole months! The later seasons were less popular, but oh well :”D Run Brother on the other hand is at its second episode and is the MOST popular variety show to date .__.

Most popular variety shows:

  1. The Voice of China
  2. Run Brother

Most popular dramas:


  1. Empress of China (2nd Broadcast)
  2. Beijing Love Story

Shanghai Dragon TV

Shanghai Dragon TV, also known as Shanghai Media Group. Their variety shows are not that popular and extremely recent. It is actually quite normal, since Shanghai Dragon TV is known for their news, just like CCTV. On the contrary, their dramas, especially for the last few years, are quite good!

Most popular variety shows:

  1. One out of 100

Most popular dramas:



  1. You’re my Sunshine
  2. Legend of Zhen Huan

Special mention

  • Anhui TV: Ipartment series
  • XiAn TV: Soldier Sortie
  • TVB: The Bund (1980), Legend of Condor Heroes (1982), Heart of Greed (2007)

10 thoughts on “[Feature] Hit shows on Chinese Broadcasting Channels

    • intellectualkitten says:

      TVB is more from Hongkong, so it is not the same people who appear on its dramas and shows. I just added it in special mention though🙂


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Hehe ^^ It is actually the most popular series on a ton of online broadcasting websites… so I will probably watch it this summer


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Almost at the end! I am thinking about writing a half way review since I need to take a break from overdose of Zhen Huan Zhuan… but it is pretty awesome ^^ Love all the schemes


      • Woah! Can’t believe you got the motivation to really start on watching it! It would have took me half a year of procrastination at least to start on a 70+ episode drama haha. Yes! Legend of Zhen Huan is crazily good. After marathoning the whole drama, I felt as if I need someone to hold on to me as I walk like of of those ladies. Hahahaha.


      • intellectualkitten says:

        😄 The first time I got recommended this drama, it was last summer, so I guess I procrastinated a lot too. However, it is actually more addicting than I was expecting. And haha, seriously? I love their way of walking but I didn’t try it yet, hehe.


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