Movie 对风说爱你 with Amber Kuo and releases Stills

Q-XE-cczmvun9232138 This movie stars Amber Kuo and Mason Lee, both actors of Taiwanese origin. It is set to premier on June 19, 2015 (SOON!). Added to the main cast is Bae Hayden (co-worker of Amber Kuo in Tiny Times). The casting looks refreshing and not too out there, and Amber Kuo have good acting skills. This should be fun to watch😀

Quick synopsis: Set in 1949, the movie tells a love story among youth in the olden days. The cruel life in Taiwan will separate them these lovers, family members, etc. from each other.


It seriously looks cozy and heartwarming and I will try to watc) it if I find it. This low budget movie kind of reminds me of Korean movie Sunny and I hope it will meet my expectations🙂

Stills for the movie:

Here are some pictures from their press conference:

704_1629123_445673 704_1629121_521850

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