[Fast Review and Story line Recap] Tiger Mom Ep. 31-45 [End]


Last segment of my recapping on Tiger Mom T^T Guess what happened?


Cold war continues between our two lovely BSN and LS. BSN refuses to talk to LS and LS is too afraid to go back home, so he lives with his parents. QQ tells his dad when he brings her to school, “You have to do something! Saying sorry is not enough!” (so cute right? :D). Also, the couple is having difficulties and BSN decides to do more business trips since she does not want to stay by herself at home.


On QQ’s birthday, BSN is still on a business trip and can not go home. Late that night, TL comes to the apartment *slap that bitch ><* and wants to celebrate the birthday of QQ. Since it is really late, there is only LS and QQ. As BSN arrives home, she discover her daughter dancing with TL, saying “I wish to be a queen, just like you auntie!”. BSN sadly cries outside.


Tang Lin and Bi Shengnan set up a meeting and TL says, “I will take back what you took from me. What belong to me!” BSN answers back, “No matter if it is one time, two times or one hundred times, Luo Shu will always choose me.”


Good news (or sad)! Du Feng is quitting his job and has offered his position to BSN. ^^ Yeah, woman power ^^… She is sad he has to leave thou..😦


Zhao Teacher and Bi Ran are now back together. When the maternal grandparents come back, they declare they want to see the father of Zhao Teacher, who is a retired chief of Minister of Education. BSN’s father wishes the two can get married but the father of ZJL directly declares, “My daughter will marry someone of same or better education than her”.



The grandfather is of course extremely frustrated: he tries to put all his fury on QQ and declares he will educate her to become a better person than ZJL…. LS definitely disagree and brings QQ back to his parents (for once, I agree with him). The grandfather then gets scold by LS for his incapacity of raising good childs (ruined the childhood of BSN, raised someone like BR) and after thinking about it, decides to go back to the countryside.


The business that LD and BR created have been terminated since BR has been declaring illegally the provenience of the goods *I am speechless to how much this person can screw up*. They end their partnership in debt.


There are problems at BSN’s job and she discover the reason she got a better job offer is thanks to DF. She gets frustrated and try her best to put things back to normal. However, her superiors all refuse, declaring it would ruin relationships among the higher up. She is furious and quit. Instead, she go help DF at his new start up and end up working late nights. When LS hears about all of this (from a third person **cough cough TL**), he is mad and go confront her. The two have a heated up conversation and BSN ask him to leave. After some time, both decides to divorce. QQ is extremely sad and don’t understand, she thinks her parents are mad at her.


After some more days of 110% cold war, BSN comes back home and declares to LS she wants a divorce and want their daughter. We can really see that Luo Shu still loves her, since his first reaction is “why?” and not “I must find Tang Lin”. Ouf ^^ But BSN doesn’t seem to care and leaves.


When she brings QQ to the paternal grandparents, she is asked by the elders to discuss the divorce. As they start talking, the father of BSN walks in (already back? O.O I thought you left ONE episode ago!) and start talking (AGAIN) about BSN’s childhood discipline that allowed her to become the exceptional person she is. He doesn’t know she just quit her job and thought the Luo family was bullying her and when LS tells him, he gets mad at BSN.


That same day, at home, he talks with QQ and tells her if she study harder; her parents will solve all their problems; not knowing that the two want a divorce. As a result, QQ sleeps a lot less, study continuously and is even less happy. At school, she accidentally fall from the stairs and bleed from the head (so scary ><). Everyone goes to the hospital to look after her. The doctor declares the physical injuries can be healed, but she seems to be psychologically damaged recently and suffers from depression. Everyone starts to blame the maternal father for his stupid advice to QQ.


The paternal grandma, who also at first wanted LS and BSN to not have a divorce, explodes. She is super mad at Mr. Bi and directly tells him everything she thought to herself since the beginning of the drama: “What kind of brainless education did you teach at your high school? How can you teach this to Qian Qian? Be assured, the divorce will take place! To tell you the truth, your teachings are all failure. Your son, he is a parasite in his own life and your daughter? She is girl yes, but she does not act like a woman or a wife” The grandfather gets a heart attack and end up staying at the hospital.



When QQ gets healed, she no longer wants to talk and completely blocks her mother, BSN, out of her life. BSN is extremely sad: her dad is at the hospital, her daughter does want her, her job is difficult and her marital status is questionable.


4d82e9d6jw1ese2up9e33j22ko2kqqv6Finally, there is also BR and ZJL. ZJL’s dad has planned a new job for her daugther outside of China for three years. She asks BR what she should do, but he is completely speechless and refuse to answer. She ran out of the hospital (since she was looking after BR’s dad) and when BR caught her she says,” I wanted you to tell me you would miss me! That you would wait for me!”. She then leaves him there.



Listenning to the advices of her father, BSN realizes the reason why her daughter refuses to talk to her is due to her meanness to LS. She tells her daughter she will no longer harm QQ’s father and they will all leave happily together. Her daughter accepts her warm words and hug BSN. However during that night, she remains cold with LS and forbade him from entering the bed (poor dude ><)…


BSN brings QQ to the farm of DF. Everything goes well and QQ starts to be a lot more happy and to enjoy life in the countryside. In the mean time, LS is accompanying the grandfather in the hospital (T^T, such a good husband)…


Eventually, LS also decides to go the farm and try to win back the attention of her family. He ultimately succeeds and even allow QQ to talk again! Wohoo!! The family eventually go home together and QQ seems a lot more mature while remaining open and happy!



As the family goes home, it seems most of the problems are solved. Even though BSN still does not talk to LS, she starts to care about his well being and asks QQ to help him by talking to him. The two also solves their love difficulties. During a dinner date, Luo Shu clearly tells Tang Lin he is going to stay with BSN for the future. In the same way, BSN wishes DF to find happiness in his life and to find someone to love.


The writing legacy of Mr. Bi, which allowed BSN to study well, became famous on social medias. Meanwhile, BSN helps TL reconnects with her daughter (Ikr?? this is so unrealistic) and the two girls end up been almost friends. Since the two are friends now, they decide to organize a school outing at BSN’s farm (since TL works as a specialist on contract at QQ’s school) and they all enjoy a good day. Everyone understand even if it is important to study, the children should also get a time where they can play and enjoy themselves.


Later, the company ends up also gaining a lot of money and expand. BSN gets the life she wants and is a lot less stressed than when she was working in a corporation!


Last comments before I say goodbye to this show:

1- Awwwnn…. It was definitely a well thought series, with a lot of character development and it also touches almost every possible topics on child education and family problem in modern Asian family. It does have a lot of plot hole and situations where I was like “Are you serious??” But oh well… it is not suppose to be perfect and… it is a comedy show!😄 Overall, a pleasant watch even though I was at times (many times ><) frustrated with the events T^T Like a lot of people said online, the ending has too much positive elements… way too optimist to be realistic xD

2- I hate the character of Bi Grandfather. At first, I thought he was just a funny old man that, like many other old people, think their opinion is the most important and want to get involved in everything. Well… turns out he is a lot worse than that! Actually, he is so selfish, childish, don’t care about other peoples life problems, and is such a troublemaker! The worse: he does not even apologizes for the troubles he makes…

3- Second worsee: HIS SON, aka Bi Ran. At the end, he does redempted himself through love, but I refuse to believe this is a plausible scenario in real life. More exactly, I believe his character is the kind of people I would flee in real life… totally not worthy of knowing or relying on.

4- Bi Sheng Nan turns for the worth during the last few episodes, I also find her extremely selfish for not caring about her husband. It all works out at the end because it is a comedy show, but her damage on her daughter is the worse. She deserves her title of Tiger Mom, a person who try to dominate and do not try to fix things. Her husband would try to solve the problem instead of always getting mad and petty, which I truly believes is the best solution…🙂

4.5-I loved all the other characters. Even if LS and TL all had their bad moments, I will just consider all of them as daily problems of a married couple. So yeah, lesson learned=try to solve problems instead of letting them rest.

^As you can see… I hate almost all the Bi family. However, I did love 65% of BSN’s personality and find the later development of her character…out of character? Oh well, it is a comedy series, so I guess we should watch it with a grain of salt. In addition, lets not forget the show is implanting a lot of Chinese values, so maybe that is why I find it hard to believe since I live in a completely different environment (your inputs are highly appreciated!)

5- Oh, and before I forget, the paternal grandmother also have stinky personality… always blaming others and thinking she is the best; creating problems to her son

6- Unlike a lot of people, I don’t find the character of Tang Lin particularly annoying. Yes, it is better to not be the fox inside a marriage, but I do not feel like her actions are the worse in this family; or at least, not so bad compare to other characters? (Don’t get me wrong, she DID do a lot of selfish and mean stuffs; it is just that overall, I feel like she was not particularly awful)

7- My final grade for this series: 7.5/10 :))


2 thoughts on “[Fast Review and Story line Recap] Tiger Mom Ep. 31-45 [End]

  1. Joe says:

    Completely disagree with your assessment of BSN and LS. LS was a prick for a good first half of the series, acting like a child, and running to TL every chance he got.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Hi there! I kind of forgot this drama, but to be fair… the whole story wasn’t well executed?
      Yes, LS was a prick for always going back to TL, but he was also the one who took best care of their daughter during the first half (especially considering how intense BSN was)… so for me, it all balanced out.
      While I loved watching the show and the many many plot lines.. it didn’t come together. The ending seems far sketched and too perfect to be real. I think it is fine we have different pov since the story line went in so many directions🙂


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