Hua Qian Gu Anticipation Post ^^



4d82e9d6jw1ese2uiit20j23xq2ffu0xExcited for Huan Qian Gu? It is going to be released on June 9th (So far yet so close T^T) So are a lot of people on Weibo! Here are some gifs to satisfy your hunger while we wait for its release🙂

First of all, here are some beautiful pictures (fully filtered 8D) pictures of the setting:

10576964_10152501083513159_6028503260892036852_n 11219034_486281321526870_5802796640398133903_n b7cd1d6egw1esglurfaevg20by077kjl


005z7IA6jw1esgdwy7ahlg30c7056qv5 005z7IA6jw1esgdwyncq5g30c7057kg0  005z7IA6jw1esgdx0du37g30c7056npe 005z7IA6jw1esgdx3fbh6g30c7056x6r 005z7IA6jw1esgdx1qx5ng30c7057u0x 005z7IA6jw1esgdx4mv2ug30c7055u0x  005z7IA6jw1esgdx5bvt7g30c7055hdt 005z7IA6jw1esgdx64vmsg30c7056e81




61d419e5jw1esgldfwplmg209004bnpd 61d419e5jw1esgldg8ldfg209004bhdt


Excited??? I know~ I know~

See you guys soon :))


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