Children’s Day Special

To celebrate Children’s Day in China, here is a cute feature of the cutest kiddos in the Industry. Most of them appeared on Dad Where Are you Going 1 and 2 or Superman is back🙂


Angela, the cutie pie from Dad Where are You Going Season 1. She is like a little princess and is super cute and adorable!


Her parents are WAng Yuelin, a director, and Li Xiang, a national TV show host


Tian Tian, also from Dad Where are you Going season 1, he is the well educated sophisticated and tall kid of seven year old


His dad is Zhang Liang, a top model


Here is Cindy Tian, the cute little girl who at first cries all the time before becoming a real woman by always helping the other kids and elders


She is the daughter of Tian Liang, an Olympic contestant turned actor, and Ye Yiqian, a singer.


Then you have cute little Kimi Lin, the son of superstar Jimmy Lin who totally sees his dad as Superman. He loves everything little boys like, such as Super Heroes, Cartoon, and Cars…so adorable T^T


Shi Tao (nicknamed as Rock)! he is the son of actor Guo Tao and is often seen as the big brother. His dad is very strict on him and for that reason, he would not be very emotive :”D


I haven’t watched Dad Where Are you Going 2, but I might just for her… She is the daughter of Lu Yi and Bao Lei and is nicknamed Bei Er. She is supposedly a little princess. Her parents are appearing on Battler for Her right now😀


Named Olivia, she was born in 2012 (so young T^T I feel old) and is the daughter of Li Xiaopeng (one of China’s best athlete :OO)


Christine, or more commonly known as Duo Duo, is the daughter of Huang Lei Sun Li.

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