Chen Qiao En’s Destinated to Love You


I know these stills + trailer had been out for a while, but we never talked about it before. 偏偏喜欢你 or Destinated to Love You will have the high profile Tong Hua as screenwriter. She is the author of the famous dramas Bubujingxin, Da Mo Yao, Yun Zhong Ge and Perfect Couple. The drama started filming in October 2014 and although there is no  determinated air time yet, with an all star cast like this one, I am sure all big TV channels will want to air it. Especially considering that the lead is Chen Qiao En.

The drama is about Qian BaoBao (Chen Qiao En) a girl who is pursued by debtors. After meeting Xiao Han (Zheng Shuang) and seeing her die, she assumes Xiao Han’s identity to go teach at an Army base. There she will get entangled into love relationships and her own lies. Other actors starring in the drama include Jia Nailiang, Bosco Wong, and Zheng Shuang.


Looks really interesting! Because so many actors in the drama are very popular, I think the drama will get a very high rating even if the story sucks. I know I will be watching for the bromance coming up (and also the abs keke) ! :3 No, but seriously, the story sounds legit good for the simple fact that Tonghua is involved and she definitely knows how to come up with a great love story.

Character Stills

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Men’s Club (with lots of abs!)

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2 thoughts on “Chen Qiao En’s Destinated to Love You

  1. momo says:

    Hey.. DTLY airing now. It surprisingly good.. Oh so funny and sweet, the story really nice. I very enjoy watching this.

    I love Joe Chen. She so badass here, and a strong female lead!
    Bosco is handsome and such a gentlement.
    Jia Nai Liang, the first time watching him ever.. Man..he is so funny LOL!

    I recommend you guys to watch this.. Very nice, hillarious and cool. Great casts too.


    • archidisign says:

      Oh really? I am glad you like it so much! ^^ I tried watching it and it is really not my style😦 It is just too comedical, too exagerated for me. It reminds me a bit of the old school TW dramas (which also had a lot of exagerated expressions from the actors).
      I love Joe Chen too! And there are so many pretty boys in this drama! I really wanted to love it, but it seems like right now, I am just not a 100% into comedies😦 Maybe I will try it again when I feel like watching a silly funny drama😛


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