[Drama Review] [Drama Recap] Crazy for the Palace II: Love Conquers All 我为宫狂2

The Web series Crazy for the Palace II: Love Conquers All 我为宫狂2 was a short drama of 11 episodes, each episode being between 10 to 20minutes. It is like a happy drama quiet addicting 8D and I personnally enjoyed watching it very much. The drama was produced by the infamous Yu Zheng and the casting includes Deng Sha and Zhang Zhehan. If you are too lazy to watch the drama, there is a short recap at the end of the post😉


Yu Zheng Production

Web Series (from the Palace series)

11 episodes

Cast: Deng Sha, Zhang Zhehan, Ye Xin Xiang and Song Yang

Synopsis (from DramaWiki)

Hu Xiao Li is a nine tailed fox who takes the form of a human. She suffers from a tragic love story during the Han Dynasty. She was ordered to protect the prince, Gong Hao who was originally a target of an assassination but was protected by Xiao Li’s mother, currently living a commoner life. After the Emperor discovers Gong Hao as his son, he takes Gong Hao back to the palace. The Emperor dies from anger towards his consort, Concubine Shu, who actually ordered the assassination of the prince and killed his mother, the Empress. Gong Hao ascends the throne while Xiao Li becomes Empress. Their love story doesn’t end quite well as a girl named Tang Shi Shi comes between the two and steals Gong Hao away, being conferred as his consort. Tang Shi Shi frames Xiao Li of attempted murder. Xiao Li, in a fit of rage, reveals herself as a nine tailed fox. Gong Hao sentences her to death. During her execution, before Gong Hao executes her, thinks about their happy and wonderful marriage. Tang Shi Shi, fearing that Gong Hao would pardon Xiao Li, orders her execution. Xiao Li escapes using her powers. Her mother sentences her to a thousand years trapped in ice for using her powers in the human world. After a mountain hike which ends with his girlfriend leaving him, Gong Hao drops a bracelet into a lake which contains the ice. Hu Xiao Li is freed. Hu Xiao Li and Gong Hao marry but an adulterous Tang Shi Shi comes in the way. Will Hu Xiao Li repeat the same tragic love story she’s already been through or fight for Gong Hao’s affection?


First of all, let’s review the actors’ performances. Deng Sha plays Hu Xiaoli (the little fox) who falls in love with the Prince and reincarnate in modern time to stay by the side of his descendant. Even if it is a very short drama, a lot of things happened in that time and there is definitely a lot of character developpment involved for her. For example, changing from a cringee housewife to a strong modern woman. I sincerely felt bad for her twice when she was getting unfairly treated by the ‘humans’ because of her lack of social norms. It is not her fault! As for Zhang Zhehan playing Gong Hao, his characer was very annoying just because he was so blind to Xiaoli’s love and the evil woman’s schemes. There really wasn’t that much acting needed for his role too, so I guess he pass. But I gotta say, not a fan of the character itself! Song Yang who played Xiaoli’s boss was a lovely character. He knew exactly when to be supportive to Xiaoli and when to show that he is a man! :3 *blush* I wish they ended up together instead of giving such an ambiguous ending. Oh well.

All in all, it is a very fun mini drama to watch and it is so short that it is unique (no other cdrama can be ended in less than four hours, right?) It is definitely worth trying just because it is so short and fun. Things are moving really fast in the drama too, which is always a bonus!

So, to end it up, I would say, watch it for the fun of it, but don’t expect crazy acting or even crazy chemistry because there isn’t.

(ps; since I watched this after Beauty Maker, I had very positive opinions of both leads and sincerely was expecting the best out of their performances, which I kind of got😉 )

(ps2; the costumes and the set for the ancient part was obvioulsy reused from old Yu Zheng Production dramas, but it all worked well so I am not going to complain. As for the modern side, it is his first time doing such a project and it went relatively well. Coudos! )



The story starts off a hunter running after a fox spirit. A very pure hearted concubines who turns out to be the Mother of all fox spirit.


One night, the Imperial Concubine gave birth to her son, but because of another evil concubine, she has to die and her son has to be hidden outside of the palace.


The Mother fox spirit wants to help the Imperial concubine and makes sure the son of the Emperor stays safe. The Prince lives outside of the palace and is protected by the daughter of the Mother fox spirit. The two falls in love.


More and More in Love


The fox spirit makes sure her prince can safely go back to the palace. The two of them leave happily in the Imperial Palace.


However, another human girl is also after the concubine title. She seduces the Prince in the Palace and they fall in love too. He takes her as his second wife.


Little fox feels threaten by this new wife. Mother fox spirit reminds her daughter that she shall not show her real identity to the humans.


Because the second concubline’s ploy to make the little fox look bad, the Prince lose confidence in her. Because of her incapacity to controle herself, she shows her true nature: she is a fox spirit.


By custom, they have to burn the fox spirit. Of course, the little fox has power and escapes at the last minute. The Prince regrets his decision.


Little fox decides to keep living.


Fox spirit team decides to freeze Little fox to protect her and she will be reborn in a thousand year. NB. Picture not at good timeline, but it goes with the story😉


Modern time. The hero (reborn prince) is Gong Hao. He meets Xiao Li (reborn little fox) while in the mountains and they fall in love. The drama shows them very happy together and they get marrid.


Gong Hao’s family disapproves of Xiao Li because she is not a good wife xD (at least she is not your classic housewife).


Gong Hao is a businessman and works hard to launch his company.


Here are some of his competitors. I fear there that creating a business is not as easy as it seems.


For example, when a Femme Fatale is after your money and is trying to seduce you. Oho


Xiaoli is under the pressure of her mother-in-law and the new love rival (who by the way looks exactly like the 2nd concubine of a thousand years ago).


The evil woman scheme a hotel scene and takes pictures as proofs to force the divorce of the OTP.


Evil Woman tries to look like a victim in front of Gong Hao.


Under all the pressure, the couple decides to divorce.


While Gong Hao is starting to have more problems at the office,


Xiao Li is learning to become an independant woman. She first thought to kill herself, but then changes her mind. She changes her look, learn to become a fluent assistant, gets a job.


While interacting with her new both, the new boss fall in love with her at first sight and loves her work ethics and dedication. He already met her before and is surprised at how much she changed in such a short period.


At an office party, the exes meet again.


They dance super well together and make Gong Hao and his new wife jealous.


Evil woman is jealous of Xiaoli and wants whatever she has.


She gets in a lot of fight with Gong Hao because she is a bad housewife and does nothing house chores related. She feels he is not paying much attention to her which causes her to steal all his money in his bank and make him bankrupt.


Xiaoli learns that her ex-husband is having trouble and wants to die. In the meantime, her boss tells her he loves her and wants to date her (they eat together at his house).


She decides to take revenge on the evil woman by using her superpower and make her look like a real fox (to scare her).

The story ends ambiguisly with both male leads saying they want to date Xiaoli.

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