A Bite of China is back for Season 3


This series makes me want to eat my laptop. Even when I am full, watching 15 min of this show makes me hungry once again…. ._. And this is the case for EVERY SINGLE one of its viewers!! This show was so popular in 2013 that when the season one came out, the selling of pans in China doubled ^^.  Sadly, this new season will only be released in September 2015.

I highly recommend watching this show, since it is subtitled by the broadcasting channel and can be found freely on Youtube. If anyone needs the links, I don’t mind searching for them, so don’t forget to watch!! It really teaches a lot about Chinese history and makes people want to go back to their roots, overall, extremely heartwarming.

Here are some pictures of season 2 (Just so you guys know, I had an empty stomach when I was searching for these pictures >///<) Some of these foods may not look that tasty, but believe me, all the flavor are inside:

55760_1030001_772864 55760_1030006_465648 U9759P704DT20140206085327 - Copy U9759P704DT20140206085353 - Copy U9759P704DT20140206085603 - Copy U9759P704DT20140206085915 - Copy U9759P704DT20140206090019 - Copy U9759P704DT20140206090145 - Copy


4 thoughts on “A Bite of China is back for Season 3

  1. Missy says:

    Very excited! My mom and I marathoned Season 1 and 2!🙂

    Also, just stumbled onto your site! Really happy to find another blog that talks about chinese dramas🙂


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