[Movie] Forever Young 栀子花开 by He Jiong to be released on 10th July

21340_4183170_802724 Also known as Gardenia, this movie directed by He Jiong got a lot of hype thanks to the main lead, Li Yifeng. It is actually inspired by a song He Jiong himself song ten years ago that became wildly popular.

  • Cast: Li Yifeng, Zhang Huiwen, Jiang Jingfu, Nichkhun
  • Release date: 10th July, 2015

The movie follows a group of friends during university years as they follow their dream: become musicians. At the same time, they meant a group of young beautiful girls who wishes to become dancers. All the stills are gorgeous (look at past stills here) but here are some new ones that came out recently :)) I did not put all of them but follow this link for a very very extended list of additional posters ^^ 60ca8a58jw1etl5g9tum0j21dq1xg7wh 60ca8a58jw1etl5gdq915j20k30rs46m 704_1655841_169741 704_1655843_659434 704_1655848_148312 704_1655851_441444 5565259aaf5b5704_1638611_116150 ygoH-fxczyze9595397 Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZgTdEOrLG4

704_1669803_488634 704_1669804_862206


MV 1: 栀子花开 Gardenia

This OST is so cute >< If any of you guys are fun of Dad Where are you Going Season 1, I believe you will like it as much as I do!! He Jiong sings in it with little Angela (daughter of his best friend Li Xiang) while dancing together ^^:

MV 2: 年少有你 Youth has You

MV 3: 再见再见 Goodbye, Goodbye

BTS: Special Li Yifeng

2 thoughts on “[Movie] Forever Young 栀子花开 by He Jiong to be released on 10th July

    • intellectualkitten says:

      I don’t understand the craze about Kris Wu either ^^” I guess they have something we just don’t understand (even though I saw an episode of Happy Camp with Li Yifeng and he seems like a gentleman, that may be why :P)


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