Entertainment Update: Chronicles of Love, Amoy Marriage Remember, Green Hill Fox Legend


Ok, here we go again! This is a fast update about all the stills, all the trailers for dramas that came out recently. These dramas sound interesting enough in my opinion to be worth writing about, but, for now, lack the IT factor that will make me watch it.

First of all, we have Zheng Shuang and Hawick Lau acting again together for another collaboration, this time for the Qin Dynasty: Chronicles of Life. I am not a fan of neither of them so I barely watched their works. I only liked Zheng Shuang in Ancient Sword and she was quiet cute! However, with all the ps she has done to her face, it is hard to watch her act. As for Hawick, I just don’t understand the fascination with him since he is really lack the acting skills to be lead and his dramas all look the same. The rest of the cast includes Zhang Binbin, Michelle Yim, Zhang Zhixi, Zhang Xiaochen, Wang Ruoxin, and Cheng Yanqiu. The novel is written by Feiwo Sicun.


Second, we have the drama Amoy Marriage Remember that stars Ma Tianyu and Liu Tao. Although I am a big fan of Liu Tao and I sincerely enjoyed Ma Tianyu’s performance in Ancient Sword, I am just not digging the older girl young boy (cougar style?) story line. Sorry😦 However, the drama has really pretty stills and it seems like the leads will have great chemistry. The story is basically about the two of them trying to workout their marriage and how work conflicts and in-laws come in between their happiness.

Third, we have the drama Green Hill Fox Legend that released a few BTS from their filming set. It seems like a simple light-hearted drama. The drama will have 40 episodes and is notable for having Jiang Jinfu (who is getting really popular right now thanks to his performance on Destinated to love you) and Gu Linazha as cast members. The others are Zhang ruo yun, Jiang jin fu, Gu li na zha, Jin chen, Yao yi chen, Qiao xin, Fu xin bo, and Wang yan su.

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Next, we have the drama My Best Ex-Boyfriend. Just the title pulls me off:/ The casting includes Jerry Yan though, so maybe it will not be a 100% bad.

Next next, we have a very weird drama. It is called Nazha and Yang Jian. :O The title characters are like the two gods from Feng Shen Ji and, as I love the original story, I am worried at what kind of bad adaptation it is going to be… The casting includes Wang Zu lan, Gao Yun Xiang, Ying Er, Zhong Jia Xin, Luo Jia Ying, Chen Zi Han,  and Lin Zi Cong.

Next next next, we have the drama 新婚公寓 that we can roughly translate to Wedding Appartment. The cast has a lot of the New Huan Zhu Ge Ge actors, including the newly married Li Sheng (who played Xiao Yang Zi) and Li Jia Hang (who played Fu Er Kang). Yeah! there is going to be lots of chemistry between them😉 I wonder of ZLY will appear as guest *_*

Finally, we have Gui Gui and Dai Xiang Yu working together for the drama Tree Blossom Earrings. They recently released more BTS stills and a trailer for the avid fans. I personnally don’t like Gui Gui all that much since both her acting and her personality is too full of aegyo, which is a bit annoying to watch… v_v

To end the Entertainment Update, a last news that is not about dramas:

  • Chen Qiao En and Show Luo went to the variety show Impossible Game.

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