[Recap] Run Brother Ep. 6-11 Round-Up!


Very quick update this time to catch up all the episodes I missed to date >< As some of you may know, I was on vacation for the past few weeks!🙂 I am really excited to come back to the blog, but recapping full episodes of Run Brother take a lot of time so for this time only, I will post a quick update for the last six weeks! My favorites have been Ep. 8 and 11 and I would recommend them for the fun elements and twists.

Ep. 7 Children’s Day Special! with little princess Angela and Liu Tao.

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  • Little Angela appears as a fairy/princess who prepared gifts and missions for our Run Brother members…😛 She is adorable and everyone tries to get in her favor, but the little girl only like Liu Tao and Angelababy. Each time a team win, they get a hint which will allow them to find the good combination of pearls during the final game.
  • The members are separated in two groups: one yellow and one pink. In the first game, they are all in big bowling ball suits. They must sit on the little pillow to pass and the first team to have every member succeeding wins. The pink team wins by having Chen He and Li Chen at the end, preventing completely Deng Chao from succeeding x) it is funny to see how hard he tries.
  • Second game is a game of swimming in team WITHOUT WATER. I fast watched this game (not super funny) and once again, the Pink team wins. However, Angela (out of pity) gives the yellow team one hint.
  • Next game, drinking milk from a bottle by stretching an elastic. The team with the most drank milk wins the game. It is funny watching the game disrupt as the guys all prevent each other from reaching respective milk bottle.
  • Last segment: find the colorful pearls to win the game today! Even though Angelababy tries really hard, all her teammate are eliminated early in the game and ultimately, it is the Pink team that wins.

Ep. 8 No Guest

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  • This week is suppose to be a trolling episode😄 Once again, it is Deng Chao VS the rest of Run Brother cast. If any of you are watching the Korean version, you would realize this episode is a copy paste of Special Gary where Gary got trolled by everyone.
  • In this game, Deng Chao was made to think he is a spy and must eliminate everyone else while everyone else must let Deng Chao win without him realizing it is all a set up. Deng Chao fails to notice (well… how can he? It is hard to realize especially since he was extremely nervous to not be caught as a spy) and the game ends on a win of the rest of the crew
  • One funny segment during this episode is the water fall one. They must answer questions from other members and if they answer badly, they get water fall on themselves. Otherwise, the other games are hilarious too😛 I guess it is nice to not have guests once in a while…
  • Perso, I found this episode very relaxing ^^ It does not have the competitive side of other episodes and it is fun to see how they are messing with Deng Chao in his back ^^ Plus, DC is a good player and was not mad at the end of the day, making the whole episode pleasant and hilarious to watch🙂

Ep. 9 Female Antagonists Special! Ada Choi, Jiang Xin, Jiang Yiyan, Li Chairua

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  • These actresses are all so pretty *.* Apart of Ada Choi and Jiang Xin (who played major roles in Zhen Huan Zhuan as main antagonists, btw, I am loving the series even though it is kinda really long ><), I sadly do not know any of the other three.
  • Jian Xin is teamed up with Chen He and the two have zero compatibility. Like literally, if one wanna go North, the other one wanna go South.
  • They also need to play a serious of obstacles as couple. Personally, having watched similar games in the Korean version, I thought it was not as hilarious as it could be. :”D I would highly recommend the PDs to change the editing team >< Oh well, at least every team tried really hard~
  • There is also a game where the female members must be blindfolded and guess by touching which guy is who.😄 this game was fun and Angelababy scores the poorly, LOL.
  • In the end, Ada Choi and Wang Zulan wins.

Ep. 10 Monster Hunt promotion episode with Bai Baihe, Jing Boran, and Wallace Chung

704_1660066_349686 704_1660067_429727 704_1660071_663893 704_1660076_727915 704_1660078_742105

  • Fast watched this episode since I am not a fan of any of the guests. Set in Beijing, the teams must go through multiple obstacles in order to win as a team. The group is split in two: one side with Bai Baihe, Jing Boran, Wallace Chung, Chen He and Bao Bei Er and the the other with everyone else.
  • Bao Bei Er looks so weird (my nice word for ugly :3) with the wig… I can’t ><///
  • The first game, they must go on The Great Wall and have a running in team competition. Considering this is happening in Beijing, I am surprised the sky is so blue *.* They are so lucky
  • They also had a segment where the two teams must collect water from a bowl placed on their belly 0.0

Ep.11 Part 1 of Vacation in Saipan wtih Tang Yan, Liu Yan (aka Ada Liu)

704_1664568_930266 704_1619853_334872 704_1619867_404253 704_1619868_343228

  • First thing first: the scenery of the episode is so beautiful! The team went to Saipan and are welcomed by three gorgeous Tour Guide: Liu Yan, Tang Yan, and Angelababy. xD hehe, can our RB cast wish for anything better (well.. I am sure Li Chen would be happy to come with FBB, fufufu) Also, this episode is already english subbed so check it out!!
  • Anyway, out of all the episodes on this post, this one is definitely my favorite… I would recommend it to all of you guys!! Ada Liu is a well known host (she also appeared in The Four with Liu Yifei and Deng Chao ^^) and is simply hilarious. Tang Yan is a well anticipated guest and omg, her screams are both adorable and scary xD.
  • First game is a series of obstacles. It is funny to see how slow Zheng Kai is compare to the girls and how Baby, Li Chen and Deng Chao struggles on the little voilier ^^.
  • Second game, they must guess the right price for the food they are eating. Deng Chao’s team does extremely well at this game and wins the most amount. Perso, all my attention was on the food… snif, they are so lucky to get so much food T^T…
  • Third game is my fav: in 30 minutes, they must find the most color bags (out of ten) and will get RB money for their results. Baby’s team and Tang Yan’s teamed up and easily defeat Liu Yan’s team. I am a little sad for the latter, considering how hard they worked… but oh well… at least they did not lose too much money :”D This game is fun coz they are all running everywhere and all the girls lay down on the floor as soon as a guy of opposite team arrives ^^”
  • Last game is a competition of hulahula dance (is this how u call it?)… Among the girls, Liu Yan is the one who does the best which among the guys, Wang Zulan IMPRESSES everyone with his perfect pelvis moves.😄 Thanks to the additional aerobatics of Li Chen and Tang Yan, their team win the game😛

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