[Variety] Diva Hits the Road Comes to an End


Snif… Lets cry all together >< All the hit variety shows of June are ending. Not only the last episode of Run Brother Season 2 and Star Chef Season 2 were released, on the 4th July, 2015, it has been the turn of Diva Hits the Road. Perhaps they are leaving place for The Voice of China Season 4 and Dad Where are you Going Season 3? *.*

Anyway, the ending of Diva Hits the Road is sad for me too (the show had a total of 12 episodes). Here is a special post to commemorate the most important moments:

1-Jing Boran and Zheng Shuang

Of similar age, the two became friends (fufufu, perhaps more? ^^) and are shipped by the fans… here are the pictures:

2- Ivy Chen and Yang Yang

This couple is more well known as the bros (so almost no romance at all, I am saying ALMOST) and I love them so much!!

3-Zheng Shuang the Fasionista

ZS definitely has a lot of awesome outfit, here are my favorites:

4-Ivy Chen the bubbly girl

5-The boys❤

6-Group pictures!

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7 thoughts on “[Variety] Diva Hits the Road Comes to an End

  1. Amy S says:

    Ahhhh am I mistaken that Hunan TV is no longer producing this show?!?! My dad tells me that Divas hit the road has been discontinued, as well as Dad, where are we going :(((((( my two fave variety shows!


    • I don’t think they had been discontinued as they are two of the most popular variety shows on Hunan and it would be super silly if they did so. They don’t have an annual fix schedule so I think this year, they are pushing the start to a bit later. Don’t worry! They are just busy with other shows right now, but they are definitely coming back!


      • Omg asdfghjkl; they’re cast-calling for 爸爸去哪儿4 !!!

        Idk if this is still a celebrity-son pairing, considering the SARFFT issue😦 it might go along the lines of “放开我北鼻” but but omg pleaaase stay true to the original concept. I was so excited, I had to share immediately!


    • Oh! Thanks for this information, I think you are ahead of us on this one. I didn’t see much promotion (and even announcement) on weibo so far for season 3. But if we can’t believe in wikipedia, what can we believe in?!😄 This looks reliable and it would be really cool to see this happen. Especially to see a cute bromance between Li Yifeng and Luhan. Luhan is busy with Run Brother filming right now so maybe that is why they are waiting for later to start airing the show? Anyway, thanks for the link. We will definitely write a post (on our new blog centdevotee.wordpress.com) about this when it will be officialised and close to the air time!


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