[Variety] Star Chef Season 2 星厨驾到2 Grand Final, who won?


Here, the initial cast. As you can see, a lot of them are not well known by international public. Except from Zhang Liang who did undergo professional cooking training, everyone else’s cooking skills come from homemade food.

I enjoyed this variety show a lot and even though it did not went viral on internet, it still collected good ratings through out its whole run. Yesterday was the last episode, where the winner of the competition gets a cook book of his signature, a statuette, and a prize money of 100k yuan for the donation of their choice. Here is a quick look at the whole season🙂

The editing of this variety show is seriously among the best ones I have ever seen on a Chinese Variety Show (seriously wishes Run Brother can learn from them ><)… If you do not believe me, watch this trailer:

The judges:


Some pictures of the beautiful crew:


Since Zhang Liang is the most popular chef of this show, I decided to show you some of his most beautiful oeuvres ^^:

005IT8ATgw1etnmyerwzoj30ve44x7wi 005ORJuVgw1etoewx36suj31kw1tk4qp

Last episode is a competition among the top three (Zhang Liang, Wang Lin, and Ye Yiqian). As you can see, Zhang Liang got the statuette😛 I am extremely happy for him, since he is extremely hardworking and it is definitely his skills that allowed him to stay till the end. I am also very happy about the final three, who are all good cooks and have won multiple challenges.


2 thoughts on “[Variety] Star Chef Season 2 星厨驾到2 Grand Final, who won?

  1. archidisign says:

    Is that the show Orange Caramel’s Nana participated in?
    Zhang Liang must be making his son and wife so happy *_* those food are like salivating! :#


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