Mini Entertainment Update: Whirlwind Girl, Good Time, God of War Zhao Yun


Anyone watching Whirlwind Girl? This drama that has Hu Bingqing as the lead, but also a whole harem of handsome boys (Yang Yang, Wu Lei, Chen Xiang and Vincent Jiao). I watched the first two episodes. BaiCao, the lead, is really your typical strong, hardworking, but stupid female lead and of course, all the guys are after her. 8D Here are some more posters to celebrate the release of the drama on Hunan (each Tuesday and Wednesday)+ more stills:

1 2 3 4 5 6

Next is Hu Ge’s Good Time! It released more stills! :O

[Drama] Ice and Fire of Youth also called 冰与火的青春 for July 12th, 2015. I don’t know much about this drama, but the stills look really pretty! Look like a legit good modern cdrama without too many idols ^^ maybe worth a try?

Let’s also not forget about Hua Qian Gu, the drama I am mostly happy to watch every week :3 We are at 18 episodes and it is supposed to have 50 episodes, so we still have a lot to go! yeah! Here are the new posters!

1 2 4

Next, we have a project we didn’t talk about for a long time! That’s right, I am talking about Chinese Hero AKA God of War Zhao Yun AKA God of War Zhao Zilong. We are still expecting the drama for this July. In the meantime, let’s see more pictures of Yoona, Lin Gengxin, Gu Li Nazha and Godfrey Gao in stills and BTS!

Wang Luodan, Eddie Peng and Choi Siwon’s movie To The Fore released more goodies, including this beautiful poster!


Finally, we have Chen Xiao and Yuan Shanshan’s drama: Love in the Clouds. More stills, more posters that make me curious about the storyline..

4 thoughts on “Mini Entertainment Update: Whirlwind Girl, Good Time, God of War Zhao Yun

  1. L says:

    Hi, I wanted to know where did you watch the first 2 episodes of Whirlwind girl ???
    I can’t seem to find it😦
    I’ve been waiting for months for this drama to be released
    Can you post the link to watch it, please ?😀


    • archidisign says:

      Hi! I watched the first two episodes on Youtube. However, it seems like they deleted them today😦 I still succeeded to watch the episodes 3 and 4 today on a Chinese website, called mango. All you have to do is go on baidu (the chinese equivalent of Google) and write 旋风少女. They will link you to a website. There are a bit of advertisements though😛


  2. L says:

    Thank you, I’ve finally watched the 4 episodes !
    Even though, I didn’t understand it LOL
    Maybe it’s time to learn the language that my grandparents wanted me to
    I hope someone will sub this drama very soon… in a language that I hopely undertand… perhaps in English or french? (Crossing my fingers) :p

    Will you recap this drama ?


    • archidisign says:

      I kind of want to.😛 I will see if I have time to do it, although I am really bad at recapping. Maybe I will do short ones for viewers like you who are watching, but can’t fully understand what the characters are saying (yet).


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