[Movie Review] Fleet of Time 2014 匆匆那年


Ah, this movie had so much potential. It also had so much advertising that one would think it would be the best movie of the decade. And the OST, which has been released two months before the movie, is song by the legendary Faye Wong and was the bestseller song for months. The leads, Ni Ni and Eddie Peng, are both quite good actors, so I was expecting a lot. Probably too much.

Synopsis : Five friends who went to high school together in the 1990’s reunite at their friend’s wedding in 2014. During those high school years, a girl name Fan Hui get transferred to their school and chances the life of more than one of them.


OST by Faye Wong (this OST slay so much and is totally recommended!)

  • Ni Ni as 方茴
  • Eddie Peng as 陈寻
  • Zheng Kai as 赵烨

Before the time skip


After the time skip


Review: 7.5/10. First, even though I said this movie deserves a 7.5/10, it is  more like and 9/10 for editing but 6.5/10 for the plot line. And I am been super generous, because the editing was super good and the scenes were going super smoothly. However, there is a lack of storyline


I am not saying you should not watch the movie. It is a good one, probably among the best ones of its genre (I am thinking about But Always of Gao Yuanyuan or My Old Classmate of Zhou Dongyu). It has a lot of really fuzzy and cute moments. When Fan Hui answers back Chen Xun’s love declaration… omg the whole atmosphere seemed to be rooting for them and they seemed to be the only two person in the world. When Chen Xun’s plays basketball for Fan Hui to see… that was awesome too. Anyway, even though I did not feel the mutual love of the two characters from Eddie Peng’s portrayal, Ni Ni definitely sold out the character. Through out the movie, there is a lot of lovable moments and heartbeat lines. The secondary couple (played by Zheng Kai and Zhang Zixuan) is extremely cute and funny… a kind of comedy relief. So yeah, definitely a lot of breeze of fresh air moments added by awesome editing which makes me jealous of their campus life…:”D


I am going to talk about the plot. [SPOILERS]*** Chen Xun is a troublemaker student who loves basketball (does anyone else face palm at this description, just me?) and plays as the star player of the school team. Fan Hui is a new student in the school (sigh), extremely taciturn. Chen Xun instantly falls in love and knowing Fan Hui often looks at him, would secret do signs at her. They eventually go out together and a lot of happy moments… till university arrives. Even though they successfully arrives in the same university, they are sadly in two different departments and are falling apart. Chen Xun also start flirting (or the equivalent for a boy) with a free spirit street musician of his department, unsure about his relationship with Fan Hui. The two breaks up at a street bar after a big fist fight among the friends (so typical and in my opinion over exaggerated once again). Flash forward to today, where Chen Xun assists Zheng Kai’s character’s wedding… hoping to meet Fan Hui again. However, this do not happen and we end the movie with a screen shot of Fan Hui in beautiful red dress at Paris, smiling (cue to possible meeting in the future). THE END***

If you take out all the predictable and stereotypical moments out of the movie… there is pretty much nothing left…  And that is the thing, this movie has almost no plot line and the very few it has do not excite me. The movie is nonetheless well executed.

Character’s posters:d

4 thoughts on “[Movie Review] Fleet of Time 2014 匆匆那年

  1. Woah, thanks for the review. Where did you watch the movie? I have watched the drama version of 匆匆那年 and am currently reading the original novel of it. The movie seems to deviate quite a lot from the actual plot. Now I wonder, should I watch this?


    • intellectualkitten says:

      I got really lucky for that :O It just popped up on my youtube newsfeed but the user seems to already be blocked. I haven’t yet found a way to watch movies on Chinese Websites since all of them require you to pay. The move was a great success commercially so it is still worth a watch (especially since you red the book). I am curious, how different is the book from the story in the movie?


      • Lucky you! I’m still reading the book but from what I get from your review, the movie deviates quite a bit from the actual book. Chen Xun isn’t even in the basketball team and the two did not ‘fall in love at first sight’. I’m not done with reading the book but I would guess that the drama is a much more accurate adaption of the book up till where I read.


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