Variety Shows Round-Up, What Have we Missed so Far?

005Up3gJgw1etouih2ztzj30o20iitdy Hi people!! :)) Archidisign actually wrote an article for a list of dramas that seems somewhat interesting but not enough for us to really check them out or write a whole article about each and one of them. I thought it was a really neat idea so here are some variety shows news that are fun to know! 704_1655850_435151 Zhao Liying is confirmed for 偶像来了! This is a new variety show about female celebrities where they get together to have fun. It’s whole casting seems really fun and includes big names such as Xie Na, Guli Nazha, Brigitte Lin, and more. It will be broadcast by Hunan TV.hkrA-fxesfuc3503951 The Voice of China is coming back on the 10th July! The coaches are Jay Chou, Na Ying, Wang Feng, and Harlem Yu. I am going to write an article about it next week, but I still wanted to give you guys a heads up ^^. What happened in the last few weeks of We Got Married? The Siwon-Liu Wen couple is now named Baymax couple… do you guys know why? (curious)

Special collage of Ruby Lin and Ren Zhang 90a77eefjw1etqeulspegj215l15ldvp   Cutie couple: 005Up3gJgw1etlgcsr8u0j30rs0iijwk005Up3gJgw1etouhu4hgbj30rs0ij0wi Running Man (Korean Version) is celebrating five years together *throws confetti >< happiness overload* 55500a54gw1etqmjs4wlej217r0o2ahn The cast of Gardenia came to Happy Camp this week🙂 55500a54gw1etqmjs4wlej217r0o2ahn The variety show 极限挑战 is getting a lot of popularity. I am myself not familiar with the concept but it includes guests such as Huang Bo, Lay (EXO), Huang Lei, Show Luo, and Sun Honglei. Capture Do you guys still remember 挑战者联盟? This is the variety show produced by Fan Bingbing which features her current boyfriend Li  Chen, alongside other hit stars such as Lin Gengxin, Kris Wu, Da Peng, and Han Dian Chen. It is sponsored by Pepsi and will start airing in early August on Zhejiang Channel.


Finally, Hangeng is announced to appear on the Chinese version of Amazing Race Season 2 with Wu Xin (host of Happy Camp)… Yeah!🙂

6 thoughts on “Variety Shows Round-Up, What Have we Missed so Far?

  1. archidisign says:

    Offended you are not more interested in the ZLY variety show! Actually, you forgot to name the biggest star of this show: Brigitte Lin! I know, this HK veteran actress will be part of the fun too!
    ps; wow, so many exciting news in the Variety business!!


    • intellectualkitten says:

      X) *cough cough not a lot of news yet on this show* and yep! as I told you, a ton of vvariety shows are ending to leave place to new ones (such as Dad where are you going 3, voice, star challenge, etc…)


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