Variety Show Showdown: Real Hero, Go Fighting, and Top Fly


Real Hero is a new variety show and from this list, it is the one I am the most the excited about ^^! I first heard of its casting from Cfensi (link here) so look at their article too! So yeah, this one is once again a Chinese version of Korean variety show: Infinite Challenge. From the trailer, I see a lot of moral issues and positive thinking from how the cast talks… *facepalm* I want to shake all those guys and tell them they are filming a variety show, not the Olympics!

What wins me over with this variety show is its cast: Yang Kun (a singer that I love for his hit songs such as Empty City), Tong Dawei (an actor that I love from Tiger Mom), Chen Xuedong (the pretty boy from Tiny Times), Joe Cheng (from It all Started with a Kiss), Zhang Jie (past Super Boy and now a pop singer), and Zhu Yawen (the one I know the less, but he is starring in Bride Wars in August 2015 with Ni Ni). They all seems to have their own charms and compare to the cast of Run Brother, seems a lot more mature and experimented, so I am expecting a completely different kind of charm ^^

Oh, and the MV of this show is gorgeous:


Next is Go Fighting! I wasn’t going to write an article about this variety show but Skimmedmilkdrama wrote a pretty long one which got me interested in its concept (link here) It looks very similar to Real Hero, except it has been airing since mid June and is a lot more established. This show also have some great cast members: Show Luo (Hi My Sweetheart), Huang Bo (Break Up Buddies), Huang Lei, Sun Honglei, Wang Xun, and Lay (Kpop star from EXO). I did not watch it yet, but it seems to have good reviews from her blog… so check it out!🙂

Seriously, go look at Skimmedmilk’s article since she did a recap of the first episode!😛 A lot of fun which makes me want to I may check it out (after Real Hero though…hehehe)


Last but not least: Top Fly aka 壮志凌云

The cast include 夏雨, 张雨绮, 欧豪, 张若昀, 郝劭文, Amber, 黄恺杰, and 蒋方舟. I don’t know any of them except for Amber (member of kpop group f(x)). There is a total of five boys and three girls and supposedly started airing yesterday (oups ^^”). Unlike Real Heroes, this one does not have guest appearances and unlike Go Fighting, it does not change games each week. Instead, it center around the concept of airfare.


Oh, and mini bonus! A picture of 挑战者联盟’s cast! This one is not promoting at all so far since it will only air around August-September. However, from the articles I saw on Sina, the concept seems to be a mix of Real Hero and Run Brother and considering the high profile cast, it is certainly bond to success!

These are pretty much the variety shows that will triumph over these months of summer time (add to it the Voice 4, Dad Where are You Going 3, We Are in Love, and the Amazing Race 2)! Hmm… you guys better stay tuned to your Chinese TV this summer :”)

2 thoughts on “Variety Show Showdown: Real Hero, Go Fighting, and Top Fly

  1. OMG. I have to watch Real Hero now that I know Chen Xuedong is in the cast(!!!) So little time, so many shows! I’m probably going to continue doing recaps for Go Fighting! because I love that show so much. Just one thing to add, they change games and concepts each episode, for example, week 1 was ‘Time’, week 2 was ‘The Inheritors’ and week 3 was ‘Shanghai Bund’! so it’s a interesting mix and there’s fresh content every week🙂


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Oh really? I will try to watch one or two episodes then, the cast seems so fun. I am really busy this week but I can probably tell you more next week


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