[Story line Recap] 旋风少女 Whirlwind Girl Ep. 2-3


Please let me be lazy and try to squeeze two episodes of recap in one post! (and also, be prepared for more laziness from me since I am not fast or good at recapping). Not much happened in these episodes, except for BC to adapt in her new home as well as one small competition with another school/dojo from Japan.

Hu Bingqing as Wei BaiCao (BC)

Yang Yang as Ruo Bai (RB)

Wu Lei as Hu Yi Feng (YF)

Chen Xiang as Feng Ting Hao (FTH)

Bai Jing Ting as Yu Chu Yuan (YCY)

Zhao Yuan Nuan as Feng Ting Yi (FTY)

Vincent Jiao as Qu Xiao Nan (QXN)

Episode 2

a b c

BC became the maid of her new dojo voluntarily. Yes, just like that. She starts by cleaning the practice room, by washing the students’ uniforms and feels happy because she did a lot of hard work. Her BFF is happy and says she is lucky to have her as a friend while other students are ungrateful and says she is annoying/not even a student. The guy who once bullied her and QXN’s daughter recognizes her (from episode 1). People laugh at the dude for losing to a girl who doesn’t even practice the art and he says it is because she was lucky that time. BC apologizes for not helping him to stand up after last time. RB arrives and punish the students for not practicing and talking instead.

d e

The episode had some scenes of flashback where QXN’s wife is in the hospital and asks him if he really did cheat. There is another flashback where we see her fainting after learning about the cheating thing on TV. BC packs some dumplings she made at her new house and brings them to her teacher. Sadly, he is still not ready to face her yet.

f g h

One day, while BC is practicing by herself in the garden, the guy who lost against her during the first episode comes to fight with her this time. However, BC does not want to practice tae on someone randomly in the garden (pick a fight). So she let him kick her (very hard). She faints on the floor while the other guy is scared and runs for help.


BC is found by YCY who brings her home and cures her. He tells her he is kind of like the doctor here and he lives in that small wooden house, which she is free to come visit it seems. Her BFF sees her when she leaves the house and is happy she is now ok. Apparently the guy who kicked her may get expelled from the dojo and all his friends and his sister is trying to get clemance for him. BC seeing that also tries to defend him, saying it is not because of him that she fell. He is punished, but will not be expelled. BC is jelly because she sees he has so many friends ready to help him.

Episode 3

12 13 23

While on a tree thinking about life and her teacher QXN, she meets YCY again. They talk a little bit and he tries to help think more positively!

8 15

RB and YF are talking about the Korean dojo/school which will come tomorrow to practice with them. Apparently, they are really strong. YF is playing a taek video game saying it is also part of his training! Oh you cute boy!

3 6 9

The two dojos meet although RB’s dojo is mad because they are so many to welcome them, but they only send five students and they are all kids. The Chinese students feel like they are looking down on them and are mad.

27 28

This girl is the daughter of a powerful taekwondo world dude and is said to have start practice at a very young age. She is one who caused a scene during the first episode. She says she is very powerful and wants to fight the strongest at that dojo, hence RB. All the students are against this saying she is too insignificant to fight against their best disciple. She says they are all too weak. She easily defeats two other girls and then starts saying bad things about China, including about QXN the biggest cheater of all time. BC hearing that is really mad and says she will fight with her, what you don’t dare fight with the cleaning lady of this dojo? So they fight. Thanks to her strength, BC wins.

29 30

The little girl gets reprimended by her supervisor. She gets out of the car to show respect to BC she tells her she will become stronger and will fight with her again (that’s the spirit!)


BC goes to see her teacher to see if she can come back again. His daughter tells her to just leave and never come back because this place is horrible (especially to learn taekwondo). QXN brings BC to RB’S dojo and ask the Grand Teacher there to accept her as a disciple. They accept. BC however refuses saying in her life, she will only have one master and it is QXN. QXN falls on the ground ill.

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