The OTP Casted for Chinese Paladin 5


Yes, Tangren is bringing back the Chinese Paladin series! This time, it is the adaptation of the 5th video game, Chinese Paladin 5 (yes, we are really only adapting the odd numbers it seems). With the first of the series having Hu Ge and Liu Yifei as the OTP, the second one with Hu Ge and Yang Mi as the OTP, it seems like the male lead role is destinated to Hu Ge! Wrong. This time, it is for new Tangren actor Zhu Yan (also playing in Wuxin) to play the lead. The female lead who will be his partner is Gu Li Nazha.

1 2 3 4


Posters of the leads (or old pics now photoshopped): 

After years of waiting, they are finally filming now!

On a side note, I am sad to see Victoria will not be acting in this one as she was annouced years ago to play the female lead. A picture of her in character was even released at the time.


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