Entertainment Update: The Gods, The Disguiser, Braveness of the Ming


Another update full of stills because why not? The C-entertainment was busy posting new stills for dramas and movies because right now, it is the crazy release time of the year!

First, for this update, we have Wang Likun and Luo Jin’s drama The Gods that released more stills. The drama started airing this year and you can find the character stills on our first post.

Second, we have Hu Ge’s new drama called The Disguiser. We talked a bit about it during our other post about Hu Ge’s project. This is definitely going to be a more mature one in contrast to the ones he is used to do under Tangren. The drama also has Nick Wang and Jin Dong in the cast. It is to be aired in September (same time as Nirvana on Fire?? wow).

Yang Rong‘s Hello Tomorrow released two other stills for the drama. Yes, I am waiting for the comeback of this gorgeous lady on the small screen! She has been filming for a while now, but not a lot of her dramas are ready for release yet.

Next, we have Braveness of the Ming with Zhang Han and Park Min Young, as well as Jeremy Tsui, Shawn Wei, Cecilia Song Yan Fei, Guo Zi Qian, Liu Chang De, Hao Ze Jia, and Ding Zhuang. See our other post here.

One of the most expected movie of the year, Tiny Times 4, is in Theater right now. I don’t know if anyone is still a fan of GJM because I am not (after the disastrous first three movies). Anyway, abs are still abs, so I have to share them 8D

704_1681085_936870 704_1681082_886304 704_1681079_508730

We also have the movie of Zhao Liying, Kimi Qiao and Guigui! Yes, I am talking Our Ten Years. They released even more stills for the movie and the focus is mostly on my girl Liying! ^^

Talking about Zhao Liying, what is happening with her Best Get Going drama with Zheng Kai? Well, they just had a press conference. Yes! Be happy because this gorgeous drama will be released this month, on the 17th!

tumblr_nq178ioMmO1tnzn5zo2_540 tumblr_nq178ioMmO1tnzn5zo1_540

Next, we have the drama Ice and Fire of Youth that released even more character stills for their release yesterday. You can see more stills from our older post here. The OTP are Jia Nai Liang and Ying Er.

Talking about dramas getting released now, the other one to get some attention is Junior Parents, which will be released for July 24th. They also posted their character stills for all the fans of family drama!

Finally, we end with a drama I am not very familiar with: My Amazing Ex-Boyfriend!

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