[Drama] Xianxia Sword with Jiang Yi and Liu Tingyu


仙侠剑 or Xinxia Sword should be released this month, more exactly on July 18th! Yeah! The drama is produced by Lafeng Entertainment and will star Jiang Yi, Liu Tingyu,  Lu Yulin, Tian Li, Zhang Chenguang, Tang Zhenye, and Chen Weihan.  The drama is about a girl seeking justice in the wuxia world. See synopsis below: 

Synopsis (by wuxia Edge)

He Yufeng (nicknamed 13th Sister) is the daughter of He Ji. Ji Xiantang’s son fell in love with He Yufeng’s beauty. After his marriage proposal was rejected, Ji Xiantang came up with ways he could frame He Ji. He managed to have He Ji imprisoned and ultimately killed, due to depression inside the prison. He Yufeng’s mother brought her to live in old hero Deng Jiugong’s Green Cloud Mansion. Bent on clearing her father’s name, He Yufeng began to train hard on her martial arts. Deng Jiugong gave her the Immortal Hero Sword, as well as a sword manual. To Deng Jiugong’s expectations, Yufeng slowly became a wise and brave heroine. Therefore, He Yufeng gained the name, 13th Sister. Once, He Yufeng saved a wealthy scholar called Anji, and a foreigner called Zhang Jinfeng from an evil monk and the trio’s fates intertwined. In the end, 13th Sister helped Anji and Zhang Jinfeng be together and roam the world. Not only did she clear her father’s name, she also became the heroine that punished evil in everyone’s mind.

Just reading that line makes me full of excitement. Just found out the company who’s creating this also did Holy Pearl – they’re called Lafeng Entertainment. I’m so glad cos I really loved Holy Pearl! I am always super excited for magical/fantasy Wuxia series. I know it’s just began shooting in Hengdian. There’s probably not a lot of info on it yet but I will be keeping a close eye out for this series. Meanwhile, here are some gorgeous posters for this series.

Character Stills:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


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