[Story line recap] 旋风少女 Whirlwind Girl Ep. 5-8


It is never easy to recap a drama, especially when you try to have a social life outside of the internet… At least, I am trying to have a life outside of my laptop. :’D Anyway, this week, the episodes are still fun to watch and I hope people are still following it. I think on weibo right now, this and Hua Qian Gu are the two dramas that are getting the most attention from the public. Ratings for the drama are also doing well because … everyone wants to see more abs of Yang Yang 8D. ps; Is it me or Yang Yang looks a LOT like Kim Won Bin??

Hu Bingqing as Wei BaiCao (BC)

Yang Yang as Ruo Bai (RB)

Wu Lei as Hu Yi Feng (YF)

Chen Xiang as Feng Ting Hao (FTH)

Bai Jing Ting as Yu Chu Yuan (YCY)

Zhao Yuan Nuan as Feng Ting Yi (FTY)

Vincent Jiao as Qu Xiao Nan (QXN)

Episode 5

FTH does the intro for this episode. He is like I am a world champion, I won against a lot of people (screen shows him beating RB), I won a lot of championships (screen shows him holding grand prize). I only have one mission, that is to beat someone (shows him going to see sad doctor YCY). BUT all his plans are messed up my one encounter with a girl: Baicao.


Now, we are back at the internal dojo female finale competition. BaiCao is really stressed and is too focused (by fear?) to look at anyone. RB comes and pour water on her, telling her to be more concentrated.


Because of her lack of experience, BC is only fighting with force and perseverance. Hence, BC is getting really tired while her opponent is all good (not sweating much). Apparently her plans are to get BC to her limits and K.O. her in one kick. However, BC stands up again and wins against her opponent by the end.

2 3

Meanwhile, YCY is taking care of plants and remember BC coming seeing him about flowers before. He comes to see BC at her game. He sees her faint at the end of her battle. Intense staring betweent YCY and RB.



Other dojo colleagues are debating on RB’s win. Some think it is unethical for her to win since she fought back while her opponent was not looking, unprepared. I personnally find this fair since that’s how sports work: you have to be focused 100%. Meanwhile, BC is preparing to go back to the dojo and clean uniforms again (since everyone is working so hard so a lot of sweat for her to clean, yeah! so cliché…). BC is happy to participate in the competition and thinks she should prepare well.


People are not so happy to let BC help them anymore as they think she is a cheater. People are kind of becoming bullies to her (saying mean things behind her back and destroying her practice device). BC keeps her head up by thinking about her teacher.

RB annouces the winner for the male category as YF and RB (lol as YF looking so bored while saying he will practice hard.. and RB nominating himself). As for the girls, he says Xiu Qin (the other girl) will be representing the dojo for the competition.

FTY is visiting YCY again and they pass near the dojo. FTY seems jealous about BC because of her relationship with YCY. BC is complaining to RB why she was not chosen. She says what is the use of internal competition if the winner was already determinated. Others says how dare she complains when everyone knows she cheated. BC says she didn’t and XQ why was she not concentrated during the game. It is not her fault, but XQ’s! XQ doesn’t know what to reply. RB says she lack experience. BC still keeps asking for a chance for improvement.

7 8

(opinion: Such a sad scene. Although I do agree it is unfair treatment, BC is indead a new teammate. She obviously doesn’t have enough competition experience and her not participating is a good chance to look and learn instead. Anyway, I think RB is doing a good decision to not let her go since this is also an opportunity to show he is not biased for BC- letting a newbie represent the dojo indead would be unthinkable. This scene just shows that the drama has many levels of realism and is not just an average manga-ish story)

FTY comes up and offers to practice with BC and shows her why she is lacking. BC accepts immediately altough everyone else are worried for her. FTY wins easily (and I think she is happy she got all her jealousy out…) and says she is sorry. She only went hard on her because in real competition context, people will go hard on her too.


BC is still sad over her losing her right to compete although now she understands RB’s concerns. She feels like she is disappointing her teacher even if she trained so hard. She cries again😥 She is reevaluating herself, thinking can she ever become a good taekwondo master. YCY comes to see her, concern about the mental consequences of this defeat- he brings medicament.


YCY goes to see RB. RB is still mad at him because he quitted Taekwondo when he was the #1 disciple and created a great traumatism to his fellow teammates at the time. YCY can’t give a good reason for him quitting and is sorry. YCY tells him to take care of BC (although I don’t think he has to worry keke).



(side note again, but it is sweet to see YCY infringes all his old principles for BC: going inside the dojo again, going to talk to RB, etc).

BC goes back to see her teacher’s old house. Of course, nobody is there. Yang Yang goes see her and tells her that she is still lacking and should be sorry to her teacher for being so weak. Losing one battle is nothing. BC says she thinks she is not suitable to be good at tae since she was unable to beat FTY. RB says she is strong thanks to her teacher for teaching her the basics, but it is up to her to actually learn to become good at strategy, tactics and other types of moves.

3 4 5 6

BC goes back working as a part-time librarian and find a great book to read about taekwondo. I feel a wuxia déjà vu… That’s when Chen Xiang’s character FTH appears in his great gorgeous sports car while talking to his sister on the phone. He is arrogant saying he don’t need interviews because everyone knows him already and doesn’t need training because he is already so good. We have a serious child-genious-annoying-brat case here!



FTH passes with his car and BC, because she is reading, doesn’t see him. So, in slow motion, FTH grabs her and put her in his car (gosh, are you shopping in a mall or what? =_=). Then, cheesiest sentence ever: ‘I saved you. Shouldn’t you thank me?’ =_______=


Silence for a few seconds and BC runs out of the car (good girl!). He is surprised she doesn’t know him. Seen she is also a tae practicer, he teases her by asking her to teach him. He asks for her number and she writes ‘go sign up’ in his hand.😄

FTH goes to hospital to look after his mother. Her sister also went even if she lied saying she was sleeping in late that day. Both are such good kids, thinking about their mother first. Their mother are in the coma.

Episode 6

FTH says he already did all he wanted to do in tae, but he still has one person to beat before quitting. His father wants him to quit soon to inherite the family business. We see in a flashback that their mother was also a taekwondo practicer. During a game, she lost and hit the ground head first, causing her current health state. Their mother’s opponent was YCY’s mother. Hence, that is why YCY decided to quit Taekwondo. FTH says he is going to beat YCY, it is promise he made with his mother.

Meanwhile, BC and her BFF are trying cheerleader clothings for the competition and they look really cute. BC is worried her dress is too short. They go practice. YF and RB see them and YF says he feel like this time, they are getting NBA treatment (love hims so much!). Everyone’s cleaning and preparing for the championship.


FTH goes to see YCY and tries to force him to sign up for the championship.

Meanwhile, BC is reading her book. The boys at the dojo sees her and laugh at her for being naive and thinking that this book may contain tae secrets. They play with her book like it was a freesbee. They are caught by RB and YF. SO FUNNY. YF says he has many of these books to straighten up his bed (that is too short) HAHAHHAHAA He asks BC to give this one to him too, but BC says she still needs it. RB looks at her weirdly xDD


9 10

FTH is practicing and his live encyclopedia comes to help him out with data about every contestants! LOL, Inui, is that you??


During practice, BC thinks about what she read in the book and can’t concentrate on the battle because she is trying to analyse her opponent. RB tells her to focus on the shoulders and she succeeds. She shares her discovery with her BFF.


While going to take care of the flowers, doctor YCY sees her injuries and heals her. He tells her she should keep practicing if she wants, but she has to come back to see him each time so he can check on her bruises (lol, are we afraid we are lacking screen time? joke!) Anyway, it looks like BC is falling in love with him. She asks her BFF how does it feel to be in love. BFF says that when you are in love, you just want the other one to be happy and can do anything to make him smile (so cliché again…)

Ep 7

RB does the intro. He says he has been practicing Taekwondo for a while now, saw a lot of people be defeated. However, she (BC) is the first one to keep working hard at all cost. We see a few scenes of the competition including RB and YF winning against their components.


Xiu Qin has difficulty during her match to win against her opponent, but thanks to the cheerleading squad (especially BC), she won too. However, BC meets her old team and feels bad for leaving them (and winning against them today). The dojo goes out to celebrate all together.

65 6752

The next day, they practice again. BC wins easily against her BFF, but lack skills in front of another opponent. RB explains to her it is because she is too accustomed to one opponent, but each opponent is different.


BC receives a letter from her teacher and wonder how great if he could give advice to her. FTH passes by and sees her. As she kept practicing, she nearly kicks FTH’s d**k. Oups. Of course, FTH is very fast and missed the shot, but he still pretends to be hurt. He says she should be sorry and pay for dinner for him… =_= ok, if that’s how it works now…

He orders four plates, while she only asks for water. The place they went is way too expensive and she is afraid who much it is going to cost her. FTH sees her cute *I am broke* face and decides to pay. He makes her believe they didn’t pay for the meal and they run away like thieves 8D


BC wants to go back pay and after much hesitation, FTH tells her the truth. BC is made and tell him she is definitely going go pay him back (and ask him number so she can do so). BC is mad and FTH tries to say sorry while driving his car next to her.

35 36 46

BC starts getting mad and yells at him. She says she has to study, work part-time and practice. She has been at her new dojo for one month, but still did not get better. She blames FTH for making her lose precious training time. (I see a bit of myself in her, getting a lot of pressure/stress and blaming others for my failures… Girl, I relate to you now :’D)

32 33

FTH gives her advice on taekwondo, how to differentiate the different attacks by others (basically, he tells her to look at the similitude between everyone’s moves). BC goes back at the dojo practice. BC put in practice and indead get better. She goes to see YCY very happily and tells him she improved.


FTY comes to see her and gets jealous at BC/YCY relationship again. FTY says that YCY is just like before, healing everyone even errant dogs and cats. FTY tells BC that YCY does like noise and she should not come disturb him so often. If she does, she must be getting bruises/injuries on purpose to be taken care of. BC says she really isn’t (and nearly cries).

37 38

BC bumps into RB who says she doesn’t seem very concentrated (since she is kind of crying). She asks RB to strictly look on her so she can improve.


At home, BC sees an ad of FTY on TV and hears that FTY/YCY are childhood lovers.

The next day, we see on TV a lady and everyone’s in awe. Apparently she is coming to town to recruit trainees. Everyone wants to be her student because her students are all champions around the world.

Episode 8

Apparently FTH and this TV lady knows each other very well. FTH asks her out to ask for a favor.

FTH goes to see RB and gives him data about all his opponents for the tournament. He leaves without telling a reason. RB tells FTH to be nice to YCY. They seem to all be from the same dojo.


The super star trainer goes to the competition. Excited XQ goes to see her and runs very fast. Sadly, she got hit by a car, in the legs (I knew the drama will probably find a way to replace her by BC, but gosh, this is such a low move from the producers. I feel so bad for the girl!)

So, of course, BC is chosen to replace XQ. Sad sad sad scene. Everyone’s worried, including XQ. They say BC will practice with RB and YF. BC is unsure, but finally accepts since she does realize she improved.

74 75

BC’s BFF is a bit jealous because BC is passing more time with RB. YF hears about her liking RB and scares her by saying he will tell RB. BFF fake crying, but she is actually happy. She thanks him and says she has been confession so many times unsuccessfully and YF can finally help her! LOL


76 77

BC is scared she will lose tomorrow, but RB brings back confidence in her. All the dojo teammates come and encourage BC by helping her clean the room (so nice!)


YF wins easily thanks to RB’s advice. Next is BC. People look down on her because she is only a white belt. BC is nervous. Good thing is, even XQ came to encourage her. During the match, BC only defends, but never attacks.



End of episode 8


preview of next week: LOTS of romance😉 And you, who would you chose? Cute online joke:


Drama is really turning into life lessons related drama. It is good, but I still feel it is not as good as Prince of Tennis (yes, sorry can’t stop myself from comparing the two… :P) and Volleyball Heroic Women (one of the best Jdrama I have seen in my life, really worth watching and learning from). Anyway! Did you know Yang Yang is 23 years old and Wu Lei is only 15 years old? OMG, and they are like playing besties in this…

ps; I may keep watching the drama, but I will definitely put less content soon since more and more dramas are coming out and writing recaps are turning harder than I thought.😛 sorry

4 thoughts on “[Story line recap] 旋风少女 Whirlwind Girl Ep. 5-8

  1. Missy says:

    I love this drama (much more than I care to admit haha). The three male leads are a girl’s dream come true! Such a nice, fluffy drama to waste time with😉

    Ruo Bai shi xiong is sooo dreamy😉

    I also really enjoy the fight scenes, even though they are so unrealistic (like flying metres away after a kick!) but it makes for good scenes! Kind of like why I loved Prince of Tennis – they got away with ridiculous shots but that’s hat made PoT so much fun to watch!


    • archidisign says:

      Yes! me too, I am liking the drama more and more and will probably keep watching (although I am scared my recap won’t be very consistent as time goes).
      Haha, waste time on.. What are you talking about? I am learning so much from this! 8D
      I know! OMG, cannot get over how good Yang Yang looks (this is his first project I actually watched). But, still Wu Lei caught my heart first😛 even if he is not the male lead.
      I know! You know what I just remembered, another sport drama with lots of CG! Did you ever watch Hot Shot with Show Luo and Jerry Yan? That was a hot mess of gorgeous boys in basketball uniforms too ^^


  2. Jo says:

    Ah, can’t wait to see what happens in episode 9! I think I’m actually enjoying Whirlwind Girl more than The Journey of Flower. Both are pretty corny and cliched, but Whirlwind Girl is definitely hitting the feels with each episode, plus the male cast is just *o*. I think I audibly squeed every time Chen Xiang appeared in a scene. His character is hilarious!

    Great recap as always!🙂 Also, it looks like some of the cast members (Yang Yang, Bai Jingting, and your favorite Wu Lei) will be on the July 18th Happy Camp episode. Looking forward to that, but I wish it were more of the cast. (Where is my Chen Xiang??? D:)


    • archidisign says:

      Thanks! xD Did you see the preview? BC is going to have romance scenes with each of the 3 male leads (including Chen Xiang’s character singing for her… so lucky!) Chen Xiang’s character is so cheesy I don’t know if I should look away or stare no stop 8D. I am also starting to lose a bit of interest for Hua Qian Gu because of the lack of developpment. But I still have high hopes, since, based on the trailer, the intense actions are coming soon!
      Yes! So happy they are going to promote on Happy Camp! I think Yang Yang already went on HC like 100 times this year! xD
      If you want, you can catch Chen Xiang on this week’s Laugh Out Loud episode (he went with Wu Lei, Hu Bingqiang and that girl who plays the BFF of BC). It is a lot of fun too!😉


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