[Drama Review] Ying Ye 3+1 – Taiwanese drama


Hehehe! Here is a very classic drama that you may have watched or may have not. For all the Ming Dao/Chen Qiao En lovers out there, you probably have watched it because they are just so cute as first love high schoolers together! :3 Anyway, here is a fast review about the drama and why you should give it a try. Also, cute pictures at the end of the post! ^^


16 episodes

SETTV/Taiwanese drama 2007

Cast: Ming Dao, Chen Qiao En, Viter Fan and Jason Hsu.

Synopsis (by wikipedia)

Xia Tian, Jia Jiang, Fang Wei, and Bulu all grew up on Westside Street together and currently study in Ying Ye School, one month away from graduation.

Xia Tian’s dad is a police officer in Westside Street and is retiring tomorrow. But just on that day, they all had a fight at school with the Dinosaur gang, and were almost expelled by the principal. Officer Xia went to settle the conflict and not only did it not get settled, his gun got misplaced by the principal too. Everyone thus discussed things, and decided that they all will remain in the school, including Ah Jiang, and they must find the gun within one month of graduation to let Officer Xia retire peacefully and happily. Jia Jiang, Fang Wei and Bulu can then successfully graduate.

While finding the missing gun, they discovered that Grey Wolf, an ex-convict who escaped from prison, is possibly connected with the missing gun and even more surprisingly, Grey Wolf is actually having close communication and contact with students in Ying Ye.

Among the teenagers, they had to cooperate to find Officer Xia’s missing gun, and this let Ah Jiang and Xia Tian, who have been at loggerheads since they were young, to develop feelings for each other. Fang Wei, who has always liked Xia Tian, now becomes the love rival of Ah Jiang. This love triangle will have what impact on Ah Jiang and Fang Wei’s friendship? Ah Jiang and Xia Tian used to be as close as siblings; will their relationship change? Who stole Officer Xia’s gun? And how are they going to find it? What will be discovered in their process? Let the four people use their own ways to bring you this story in the summer of 2007. During a gun conflict with Grey Wolf and Officer Xia, Ah Jiang jumped in to save Xia Tian who was held hostage by Grey Wolf and was shot in the crossfire. During Jiang’s coma, Xia Tian went to retrieve some fireflies, and a strange man who starts to take an interest in Xia Tian himself.


The drama was a really sweet one. As Taiwan knows how well to do it, this is your classic feel good high school drama. The kind that is so exagerated you wonder if it is a direct adaptation of a Japanese shoujo. Nope, it is just your classic TW-drama. It makes you feel good, butterflies grow in your stomach and you are just dizzy by this great simple love. Anyway, the story does start very soft. Xia Tian is the only girl between in a group of four friends. They are rebels and like to pick fights against bad people, especially bullies. Conflicts after conflicts, there are no real big problems that arose (maybe two to three love rivals may appear). However, the two are finally able to fall in love through everything and be happy together (if I am not wrong as my memory could be playing some tours against me… :P). Even if the drama seems to be a bit about violence and gang conflicts, in reality, there is really no danger at all. It is really different from Ady An and Dylan Guo’s Outsiders (which FYI made me cry like crazy for weeks). They are all high schoolers after all. I think the main reason why you should watch the drama is that Ming Dao and Chen Qiao En have like crazy burning onscreen chemistry and it is always good to see them interact as lovers without the classic crazy enemies (e.g. no palace conflict like in Beauties of the Emperor or mad in-laws like in The Prince who turns into a Frog). So, girls, go watch it for some great simple romance!


Ming Dao as Yang Jia Jiang


Chen Qiao En as Xia Tian


Huang Zhiwei as Fang Wei and Jason Hsu as Bulu

The Quatuor (3+1= 4, dahhh!)

4  9   13

The couple!

3 12 14 15

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